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My definition of "Physical Recovery" is utilizing healthy tools to support your body and its needs. It's the steps of how to repair your body after alcohol addiction. Post addiction there is much to account for physically. Supporting the body and healing the damage that was done.  Many people speak of dealing with poor health early in their recovery and wishing they knew how to help themselves. It is an accomplishment 

 for deciding you are worth it, and ready to feel better!


Many of us used our drugs of choice to deal with stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. Most people turn to their doctor for help, they may find a solution or they may not. The solution may be medications that are meant for short term use, and can be addictive. There may also be an issue of whether or not the medication can cause long term damage to our organs. 

I offer a natural alternative with no side effects that can be used long term without physical addiction 

Medicinal Essential Oils are used topically, aromatically and internally to provide fast relief. 

Essential Oils are aromatic compounds found in leaves, bark, petals, roots and grasses. They are the plants immune system and are 70% more potent than herbs. For example, one drop of Lemon Essential Oil is equal to 5 medium lemons, and one drop peppermint essential oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea!

I've been using these oils for 11 years, and teaching others for just as long. Mostly, I used my knowledge to manage my hangovers and withdrawal symptoms. Now that I'm sober, I am healthier physically and use the oils to cleanse my liver, reduce stress, boost immunity, support digestion, relieve pain, and sleep the whole night through. Being in the rooms, I've met so many people wondering how to repair your body after alcohol abuse, so naturally I feel called to share this information and support the recovery community to learn these tools.


Disclaimer: Not all essential oils are meant for medicinal use. doTERRA is a brand that has made it their mission to source the world's most potent, pure essential oils available. They are the front runners in the scientific research community, including labs with John's Hopkins, Oxford University. The essential oils you see at the grocery store, bed bath and beyond, walmart.. these are the fake stuff, made in a lab. Kinda like skittles. Never was a plant, engineered to taste and smell like one. We want the real stuff, that works. 

how to repair your body after alcohol addiction

Physical Recovery: How to Repair Your Body After Alcohol Abuse

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