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 Holistic Resources for Overcoming Addiction

 This Course is for you if:

* Your life feels unmanageable

* You are sick and tired of being sick and tired

* Have abused a substance to avoid feelings and life situations

* Need help with processing emotions while working a

12 step program

*Desire natural solutions for cravings, anxious feelings, prolonged sadness, stress relief, focus, aches & pains, sleep support, liver cleansing & weight management

Along with working the 12 steps, you'll be provided with my favorite Holistic Coping Strategies:

*Essential Oils for Recovery:

-relieve alcohol and sugar cravings

-withdrawal symptoms

-anxiety relief

-regulate sleep

-natural pain relief

-digestive support

Holistic Resources for Overcoming Addiction:

How it came to be

Addictions, all of them, stem from trauma, the fear of pain, and the inability to feel our feelings safely. By working a program, you will recover the lost parts of yourself, the part that could be in the present moment and feel joy.


Your love for life will increase and you'll feel more connected to your spirituality.


Gain the ability to feel your full spectrum of emotions, and interpret their meanings into

life lessons.

This course started as my "research project" for my own recovery. Searching for relief from the pain and suffering of addiction, I bought dozens of recovery guides and workbooks and became a member of several online fellowships such as AA, Codependents Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics or Adversary, Alanon, Chronic Pain Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and my favorite Yoga Recovery.

I listened very closely to other people's stories and how they overcame deep emotional trauma, and the belief systems they needed to smash in order to reclaim their serenity. 

We've all been told by someone, usually a therapist, "You need to feel your feelings." 

That never made sense to me. A person dealing with an addiction has been running from feelings, and numbing all traces with a substance, or by controlling others with codependent behavior. Having been raised to believe that some emotions are "good" and the rest are "bad" It was quite difficult to start unwinding the yarn of WHAT I was actually feeling. You'll learn the art of experiencing, an awareness meditation exercise that leads you to get answers within. You'll have a handy emotions cheat sheet that gives action steps to each emotion, discovery questions, and essential oils. This will set the stage for you to feel safe, and move the energy from your body, releasing those storage lockers of old trauma. My definition of "suffering" is the avoidance of dealing with emotions. We cannot avoid the painful events in our life, but we can learn how to process our emotions so that we don't suffer on top of it. I believe that armed with that knowledge, we can live well in recovery. 

The 12 step program is all about teaching us to surrender, to put down the backpack full of shame, hurt and anger. By admitting that you have a real problem, you can be free to be who you were really meant to be! Next, we put our trust  in a higher power (could be anything as long as it's not you! that's an old AA joke) 

Clearing out the stuff that keeps us stuck, and starting fresh. I'm so excited to meet you, and see the relief you'll have. Each week in our live meeting, I have faith that the right people will be there, and have just the right thing for each of us to hear. The best lessons come from listening for the similarities, not the differences. I've sincerely met the most wonderful people in recovery meetings, I hope there will be lifelong friendships blossom here as well <3


Kim Ureta Holistic Recovery Coach

Course includes:

*Withdrawal relief protocol

*Essential oil education for processing emotions & physical symptoms 

*12 step workbook pages

*Learn the art of experiencing meditation

*Free Weekly Holistic Recovery Meetings

Holistic Resources for Overcoming Addiction



*When does this course start?

-This is a self paced course, however it is recommended to have a sponsor or Recovery Coach as added support. 


*What if I don't have an addiction?

-I recognize that many people are interested in learning how to support loved ones or would like to understand how best to support a client.

You will learn which essential oils help with withdrawal, detox, cravings and tools for relapse prevention. 


*When is the weekly meeting? 

Monday's 11:30am PST/ 2:30pm EST

We discuss emotions, healthy communication, and essential oils for recovery wellness 

My education background is all things hippy, natural and alternative. I studied massage, Rolfing®  Structural Integration, Colon Hydro Therapy, Energy Medicine, Aromatherapy, Yamuna®  Body Rolling, and Water Release Therapy®  (Watsu). 

The information I share with you, are the tools that helped me the most through the toughest times in my life. I know what works, because I'm a real life alcoholic in recovery. 

Not everyone knows what to look for when it comes to holistic resources. I've spent my life researching, experimenting and implementing how to use natural tools. First for myself, then to teach others how to help themselves. 

I created these essential oil protocols as a way to serve the recovery community. Natural, safe ways to get relief from emotional and physical pain while processing emotions. You'll recover the parts of yourself you thought were lost and become who you were meant to be, and have the ability to be present for your life. 


I look forward to meeting you, either in my live Recovery Wellness Discussions on Monday Mornings 11:30am PST, or 1 on 1 in a  coaching session. 

One day at a time,

Kim Ureta

Recovery Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Kim and I'm a woman in recovery

The information that brought me the most hope, clarity, and peace, I took note of. The things I wanted to be able to reference and share with others when the need arises. Perhaps for a future sponsee. It became obvious that my research project had become an actual book, and could be adapted into an online course for those wanting recovery, and holistic coping tools. 

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