We offer two weekly FREE essential oil classes. Our aim is to help you work through difficult emotions, so you can move on to living your best life. Sometimes it takes a little coaching and group support to get you there. Sometimes knowing the right essential oil for your condition requires knowledge you don't have yet, we get it! Connect with us! Meet Kim, who has years and years of experience teaching free essential oil classes and a great group of people who you can begin and enjoy your healing journey with. Learn how to use essential oils in the right way to maximize the benefits.  With the guidance of an experienced team, your potential will soar and soon you'll find peace and success naturally manifesting in your life.

Free Weekly Essential Oil Class

Free Essential Oil Classes

Because the opposite of addiction is CONNECTION

Monday morning

free essential oil classes:

Essential Emotions Coaching


Mondays 9:30am Pacific Time

Kim Ureta Essential Oil Class Teacher