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More praise for Kim's Free Doterra Classes

Free Doterra Classes
Online Doterra Classes

We are a seriously fun group of essential oil enthusiasts, you should totally join our free Doterra Classes

Episode 9

Essential Oils for Addiction Class- Rage & Fear of Intimacy

Episode 8

Addiction and Avoidance, Willingness to Change

Episode 7

The Best Essential Oils for Spiritual Awakening

Episode 6

Your life without stress, resentment and failed expectations

Episode 5

Easing hard emotions with jaw and breath work

Episode 4

Ending a Shame Spiral & get to the other side

Episode 3

Cooking with essential oil

Episode 2

Pique Your Passion and live your dreams

Episode 1

Your life without sugar, it's possible

Meet your leader! Kim Ureta leads us through these awesome free Doterra classes. She's been teaching essential oils for 10 years and is an expert in everything alternative health and addiction recovery.

Kim's Story

On Mondays we gather to share knowledge and inspire creativity in our free Doterra Classes. We have participants from all over the world and you're definitely invited. We'd love to meet you! But if you can't join us then feel free to check out our previous classes. Or if you simply just loved a class so much you'd like to watch it over and over, here's where you can find all our past free Doterra classes. We'll be adding episodes every week so stay tuned and check back regularly!


Happy oiling.

Oh ya, and if you have any questions, we're very approachable so REACH OUT to us.

"I was in the midst of some emotional healing work, my massage therapist told me that she could feel that I was doing the work but that I was just moving some of the energy around. She helped me move energy from my body.
Then I learned that the oils can facilitate removals of negative energies completely out of our bodies. I began to use the book in the very specific ways that it teaches. Several days later when I went back to my massage therapist for my weekly massage, she told me that my energy felt so good that she hardly needed to work on me. This happened again the next week. We're not meeting weekly anymore.

The book taught me how to use the oils in very specific  ways to move negative energy. Since then I have held Essential Emotions "sessions" with several people. They were all amazed: negative energy dissipated; physical pain vanished; and hope was restored.
I have owned versions of that book for years. Now I really know a little more about how to harness the power of the oils because of the book. I've even had people enroll in dōTERRA after an emotional session with me. It's simple and doable."





"I have to say that I love your Monday classes. They have really opened my eyes, Kim. I've owned many versions of the Essential Emotions book but never really knew how to use it until you taught me. My team is loving your classes too!"


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