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Essential Oils to Release Common Emotions

Essential Oils to Release

Top Emotions

 Essentials Oils to Release Top Emotions

Choose the oil from the list, take a drop of one or several of the oils and massage into the palms of your hands, then cup your hands over your nose and mouth, and breath 4 deep breathes. Then read the questions. You may want to journal or meditate.

To continue the release, you may want to take a walk or turn on music and move your hips. I believe in you.



You are worth it.

Release negative emotion using essential oils

Essential Oils to release top emotions:   FEAR


Oils: Brave blend, juniper berry, cassia, cinnamon, birch, cypress, lavender, myrrh, spikenard, peppermint, deep blue, peace blend, green mandarin, yarrow/pom, turmeric, black spruce, adaptiv blend, Davana, Midnight forest blend

Journal question: What is the root of my fear? What will it take for me to process this fear?

Affirmation: I now trust that I am safe and provided for today and in my future. See a light dispel darkness around your body. Invite this light to dispel all false thinking, and lift your mind to higher truth about the self and the future.

Essential Oils to Release Top Emotions: SHAME

Oils: Copaiba, Bergamot, frankincense, jasmine, fennel, cassia, hope blend


Journal question:  What is my first experience with shame? What false belief in me fosters these feelings? Am I ready to release this pattern in my life and receive feelings of worthiness?

Affirmation: I am now filled with love and gratitude for my life experiences. My higher power teaches me of my great worth.

Essential Oils to Release Top Emotions: GUILT

Oils: Copaiba, bergamot, lemon, peppermint, citrus bloom blend

Journal questions: What do I feel responsible for? Is this accurate? What will it take for me to move forward from guilt?

Affirmation: I am now open to learn the truth about this situation. I am now filled with virtuous love for myself and others. See yourself disposing of a bag of dark muck. See strong wind clearing out the dust particles in your body and filling it with virtue and kindness.

Essential Oils to Release Top Emotions: DOUBT

Oils: Sandalwood, green mandarin

Journal questions: Who or what do I doubt? Am I ready to release limiting beliefs and move forward in trust?

Affirmation: I now choose to surround myself with that which uplifts and inspires. I can now trust my inner voice of truth. Imagine light flowing in from the front of your body dissolve chains of doubt, which fall off your back, feet and head.

Releasing emotions can leave you temporarily tired, remember to nurture yourself and reach out to a friend or sponsor to help you out.

Need something a little more in depth?  Kim offers free classes!

How does a person recover? 

The old hurts, the new hurts. They add up and weigh us down. Not knowing what to do with your feelings, and seeking to go numb. 

This is "normal" for many people. 

I completely understand, and there's good news. 

I've laid out a holistic recovery plan, along with essential oil education to relieve the physical symptoms of detox and emotional pain. 

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