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Easing Negative Emotions

Essential Oils help process 


Essential Oils to Release Negative Emotions

We are committed to helping you use essential oils to release negative emotions

I know how it feels.


To not be able to tell the whole story. You want help, but not more prescriptions to damage your body even more.

We want natural solutions for symptoms like anxious feelings, bone deep aches, sleep support, skin issues, gut issues etc. 

Work on healing our bodies from the inside out, not just cover it up with a bandage. 

I understand the struggle.

My mission is to provide natural solutions to those of us in the Recovery Community. Candid conversations about what

you'll need to feel better, faster. 

So you can move on to the real issues. Emotions. All the feelings that were stuck in those physical symptoms. "Storage lockers" of fear, doubt, resentments, hurt, anger... the list goes on! The solutions were gifted to us, plants! The essential oil that comes from plants, is their immune system, and their spirit! WE receive the benefits for our physical body, AND our emotional body. Imagine, being able to release and unwind the old patterns that kept us from moving on... 

DISCLAIMER: doTERRA Essential oils are the ONLY oils you may use for medicinal purposes. doTERRA's rigorous testing, consistent results have landed them the trust of the medical community worldwide. 

Then contact us when or if you need help


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