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Essential Oils for Withdrawal Symptoms

 Essential Oils

for Withdrawal Symptoms

I'm the master of symptom control. Guess what I used to use all my training in natural health for? Hang overs, 

And all the horrible withdrawal symptoms involved. 

Here are some of the main stuff we alcoholics experienced: shaking, headaches, teeth clenching, stomach upset, burning fire diarrhea, foggy brain, sadness, anxious feelings, lost motivation, no energy, body aches... So, I'll tell you which essential oils will help the most, then I'll guide you on how to use them (now that I'm sober and in recovery).

Essential Oils for Withdrawal Symptoms

#1 Essential Oils for Withdrawal Symptoms

Grapefruit- Cuts cravings, balances blood sugar, gives you energy, detoxifies the liver. This one, I will add to cold water to drink, or add to a diffuser in my work space or bedroom (wherever I spend the most time.)

#2 Essential Oils for Withdrawal Symptoms

Ginger- calms the stomach, and anxious feelings. Also, increases blood flow to the brain and reduces inflammation in the brain. A very important thing- for those concerned that their drinking habit is damaging their brain and ability to function. Add a drop to warm water, and drink it like tea. 

#3 Essential Oils for Withdrawal Symptoms

Wild Orange- Helps stop the shaking. Use a drop in cupped hands, breathe in your mouth and nose. Helps with sleep, stress, anxious feelings, addiction withdrawal (use several times a day as needed) You may also take a drop under your tongue for major stress.

#4 Essential Oils for Withdrawal Symptoms

Lemon oil- Helps with focus, brain fog, logical thinking, heart burn, reflux, liver and kidney support, raises energy and lifts your mood. Use in warm water like a tea, and diffuse. 

#5 Essential Oils for Withdrawal Symptoms

Breathe Blend- Opens up chest, so you can "Breathe" you guessed it. Supports sleep as well. Use in your hands to breathe over nose and mouth, rub on your chest, or use in the diffuser next to your bed at night. (I like Breathe and lavender together)

#6 Essential Oils for Withdrawal Symptoms

Peppermint oil-  Nausea, vomiting, gas, diarrhea... rub on your tummy or drink in water. Gets rid of head aches, fatigue, brain fog, memory issues, seizures, and suppresses cravings. 

#7 Essential Oil for Withdrawal Symptoms

Lavender oil- headaches, migraines, muscle tension, nerve pain, seizures, convulsions, anxious feelings, depression, sleep issues, sorrow, restlessness. This one you'll want to put 4 drops in 8 oz of water- drink every 2-3 hours. This will keep you calm and not stressed. You can also use topically with an organic lotion or carrier oil. Diffuse by the bed for sleep support. 

#8 Essential Oil for Withdrawal

Siberian Fir- Anxious feelings, brain fog and exhaustion, really helps with bone deep body aches. Also, supports liver function. I use topically for muscle ache relief, and breath in my hands for soothing anxiousness. It can be used for painful urination (UTI) you just never know, right? Could've been a wild night! Can be used in a capsule or drink in water. 

#9 DoTerra Essential Oil for Withdrawal Symptom (digestion problems)

Cardamom- very helpful to calm gastric distress (explosive diarrhea, gas, tummy ache). Take a drop in water to drink as needed. Diffuse for support with mental fatigue and confusion. 

#10 DoTerra Essential Oil for Withdrawal Symptom-clearing

Lemongrass- Its nickname is "lightning in a bottle"  Helps to clear out the muck and toxins causing us to feel like crap. Kinda like in old cowboy movies where the bartender makes a spicy drink with an egg in it? Then the guy passed out who drinks it wakes up and now is ready to ride? ya, like that, but not disgusting- I like the taste :)  Drink a drop in cold water (put chapstick on first its spicy) It also for muscle cramps, so massage on the effected area. You can also use this one for UTI relief.

#11 DoTerra Essential Oil for Alcohol Addiction

Helichrysum- helps to break the pattern of addiction in the brain (brain chemistry is so fascinating!). We know that when our chemistry is off, it effects our mood, right? Which changes our feelings and our thoughts. Helichrysum supports healthy brain activity and act as a neurological protector. I think I must have googled the scary withdrawal symptoms every time I came off a binge. My greatest fear was brain issues and seizures (and death). Here are the tools to help the physical body chill out, and give you peace of mind. 

#12 DoTerra Oil for Withdrawal Symptoms

Frankincense- the main oil for liver support, rub 2-3 drops over the right side of your abdomen every day. Reverses damage (if used in recovery).

#13 DoTerra Oil for Withdrawal Symptoms

Adaptiv roller- Helps to lower stress hormones like cortisol. This blend is specifically made for feelings of overwhelm and anxious feelings. Roll on forearms and back of neck. Supports focus and concentration. I keep this one with me at all times, its part of my coping skills, smell it and feel better. Like when you need someone to slap you to snap out of it (just kidding)

#14 DoTerra Oil for Alcohol Addiction

Digestzen Blend: Here's one of my favorites. Rub on your tummy anytime you feel nauseated (which was a lot when I was hung over). You can also add a drop to water.

#15 DoTerra Essential Oil for Alcohol Addiction

Peppermint Softgels- These work really great for heartburn, upset stomach, and generally when you feel yuck. Peppermint raises your blood oxygen back to 100%, so all of your organs are workings (all hands on deck you filthy bilge rats! pirate voice) Great for getting some pep in your step and natural energy. Coffee is a bad idea, especially if you have the shakes or you're worried about being able to sleep later. 

#16 DoTerra Essential Oil for Alcohol Addiction

Deep Blue Blend: This Blend is a Godsend for muscle tension relief. Most people don't know that there is a non toxic way to relieve pain. We really don't want to damage our bodies anymore than we already do! You can use this topically and it brings fast, real relief. This is priceless. Nobody wants to keep taking over the counter stuff, especially if you have an alternative. Thank goodness for Deep Blue, seriously.

A perfect kit to cover all bases with DoTerra Essential Oils for Alcohol Addiction

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