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essentil oils for trauma release- black spruce






I can think of several times in my life where something happened TO me. I felt shocked, disassociated, and completely fled my body. These were  times of extreme circumstance created a pattern of escapism. Anytime I felt life was out of my control, I wanted to go numb and abandon ship (my body).

When I felt overwhelmed, I felt powerless- so I would look for a way to stop feeling.  Here's some new tools to help move through the feelings, release the emotions from your physical body, and CONNECT with your higher power. The power of spiritual awareness and prayer will activate your healing. I use plant medicine (essential oils) to focus my brain back into the moment, and back into my body- instead of escaping and staying in the loop of emotion. 

6 Essential Oils for Trauma Release

#1 Essential Oils for Trauma Release: Black Spruce

Steam Distilled from Needles and Branches

Sourced from Canada


Top Properties:








Top Physical Uses:

*Over striving, Adrenal/Nervous Exhaustion, Fatigue and Meloncholic:

Diffuse and apply to forehead, over heart and/or above kidney area (middle back, bottom of ribs)


*Prelonged Back Discomfort:

Apply to areas of concern


*Feeling thwarted from potential, stuck, or unforgiving:

Diffuse, and apply to pulse points and over heart.


*Insecurity and Indecisiveness:

Apply to chest and breath in cupped hands.


*Traumatic Memories:

Diffuse and apply to forehead and back of neck


*Stress induced Memory Loss:

Apply to back of neck, across forehead, and to underside of toes.


*Emotional Balance:

Use aromatically and topically to release stuck emotions by connecting to your higher self.

#2 Essential Oils for Trauma Release: Lemongrass

Latin name: Cymbopogon Flexuosus

Steam Distilled from Leaves

Sourced From India


Top Properties:

Anti Inflammatory

Anti Microbial


Anti Carcinoma



Anti Rheumatic


Top Physical Uses:


*Connective Tissue Injury:

Apply diluted with carrier oil of choice


*Joint, Ligament, Tendon Discomfort:

Apply Diluted to affected area


*Bladder & Kidney Support:

Take 2 drops in a veggie capsule 2-3x daily until issue is resolved.



Add a drop to flavor dishes.


Emotional Balance:

Use aromatically and topically to bring flow of energy.

#3 Essential Oils for Trauma Release: Cypress

Latin Name: Cupressus Sempevirens

Steam Distilled from Leaves

Sourced From Kenya


Top Properties:

Anti Bacterial

Anti Septic

Anti Rheumatic





*Top Physical Uses:


*Cold Extremities and Circulation:

Apply diluted with carrier oil of choice, massage from feet up the legs toward the heart.


*Bladder Control:

Apply over bladder before bed


*Head Injury, Concussion:

Apply to back of neck, forehead and on bottoms of feet.


*Liver and Gallbladder Congestion:

Apply over liver (right side upper abdomen)


*Irregular or Heavy Periods:

Apply to lower abdomen daily 


*Bone Spurs, weak connective tissue, Joint stiffness:

apply to area of concern.


*Low Energy:

Inhale from cupped hands/or diffuse.


*Emotional Balance:

Use aromatically and topically to support feelings of progress.

#4 Essential Oils for Trauma Release: Eucalyptus

Latin Name: Eucalyptus Radiata

Steam Distilled from Leaves

Sourced from Australia


Top Properties:










Top Physical Uses:


*Congestion, Cough

Apply topically to chest, bridge of nose, forehead and bottoms of feet. Diffuse or inhale from cupped hands.


*Common Cold:

Apply 2-3 drops on bottoms of feet and spine with carrier oil of choice. Diffuse 2 drops 


*Fever and Heath Sensitivity:

Apply topically down the spine for cooling effect.


*Bites, Wounds, Cuts, and Blisters:

Apply 1-2 drops topically to area of concern. Repeat several times a day.


*Blood Pressure and Poor Circulation:

Apply topically to feet twice daily


*Ear Aches and Sore Throat:

Dilute and apply topically around and below ears and massage down the neck to stimulate lymph drainage.


*Mental Sluggishness & Headaches:

Inhale 1 drops with 1 drop rosemary in cupped hands. Keep eyes closed


*Kidney and Bladder Issues:

Gently massage 1-2 drops with carrier oil over middle back and lower abdomen.


*Breast Tenderness:

Dilute with a carrier oil and gently massage 


*Muscle Fatigue and Nerve Inflammation:

Dilute and massage 2-3 drops into effected area as needed.


*Cellulite, edema, and body odor:

Apply diluted to area of concern or under arms.


*Cleaning Disinfectant and Dust Mites:

add 15 drops to a glass spray bottle of water and use to clean.


*Emotional Balance: 

Use aromatically and topically with the intention of releasing congestion and inviting energy flow.

#5 Essential Oils for Trauma: Frankincense

A powerful oil that is used for a wide variety of aliments. It doesn't just aid healing from trauma, it also helps with clearing resentment, depression, and even gives the immune system a boost. Of course, if we think holistically these symptoms are all related so it's no surprise Frankincense works for all of it! Check out more about Frankincense and how it helps with resentment:

#6 Essential Oils for Trauma Release: Helichrysum

Helichrysum is used in many blends and has a wonderful supporting role in healing from alcohol addiction, as it boosts liver function and lifts the black cloud of grief at the same time. So much of addiction is unresolved grief... Lean into those feelings and learn more about Helichrysum.

Essential Oils for Trauma Release: Blends

Black Spruce + Lemongrass: The Ultimate pairing to release trapped Trauma.

Black Spruce + Frankincense: Provides wisdom, understanding and meaning.

Black Spruce + Eucalyptus: Supports the lungs by providing hope.


Forgive & Learn to Love Again Blend:

10 ml Roller

7 drops Black Spruce

4 drops Lemongrass

3 drops Cypress

2 drops Helichrysum

3 drops Eucalyptus

2 drops Frankincense

fill with carrier oil of choice

Purchase Kit
blend of essential oils for trauma release

Essential Oils for Trauma Release: Blends

Affirmation to declare outloud: 

I can now trust beauty and goodness to flow into my life. I am now filled with gratitude and new hope for the future

Imagery for meditation:

See yourself being held and comforted by perfect love. Listen to your breath and trust your healthy biological impulses.

 Top Emotions



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