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Essential Oils for Shame

Before we discuss essential oils for shame you might have a few questions about this particular emotion.....Do you sometimes feel your body flush with heat, you may get sweaty palms, or a rushing mind, or are you lethargic and not wanting to get outta bed.  You might be experiencing a shame spiral and what exactly is a that? It's the sensation of being stuck in an emotion connected to feeling unworthy and not good enough. It's very similar to guilt but it much deeper and more centered on our core as a human being. Guilt is "I did something bad" and shame is "I am bad". See, hear and feel the difference? Often it's said, there is no negative emotion because an emotion is just information we are simply called to act upon, so we can look at our feelings as constructive. But then there's shame.... And we're gonna call that negative, because it can be destructive instead of constructive. Getting out of a shame spiral requires great tools and great support. Thats where we come in, here are some steps to get you started:

Questions to ask yourself:
Are you saying yes to things that your body says no to? Meaning, do you feel dread, tight throat, your breathing changes, or stomach ache?
Have you been listening to negative self talk in your head? Fears and put downs from deep down?

New Questions to move the energy:
Do I have motives for saying yes, like pleasing others or do I genuinely want to say yes? Does my body feel joy and excitement?

Declare out loud:
"I now surrender all sadness and open myself to healing"


See darkness retreat from your body. Imagine bright sunshine flow over the front of your body, into the crown of your head, and along the spine

Suggested Essential Oils for Shame from Essential Emotions Book

#3 Essential Oil for Shame- Past Tense Blend:
PastTense can calm severe stress, soothe trauma, and bring balance to the body and energy system. This blend also helps in regaining equilibrium following periods of overwork, burnout, and fatigue. As physical and emotional discomforts are relieved, Past tense fosters feelings of appreciation. It invites balance and reminds individuals there is still much to be grateful for despite opposition, trials, or setbacks.

Suggested Use:
Massage 1-3 drops on neck and shoulders

#1 Essential Oil for Shame- Aromatouch Blend:


Aromatouch assists the body in calming, relaxing, and releasing physical tension. On an emotional level, Aromatouch moves an individual from stiffness of heart and mind to openness and flexibility. This blend is both soothing to body and mind, and offers comfort in times of grief and sorrow.Suggested Use: Massage 1-3 drops wherever emotional or physical tension is experienced.

#2 Essential Oil for Shame- Cardamom Essential Oil:


Cardamom is helpful for those who hyperfocus on their problems, especially their frustrations. Cardamom assists individuals in breaking down or digesting these intense emotions of frustration and anger. Cardamom helps individuals let go of emotional distortions which cause them to objectify other people and see them as an inconvenience. It asks them to take personal ownership and responsibility for their feelings. As they do, they will feel more at peace, calm and in control of themselves.Suggested Use: Dilute 1-2 drops with carrier oil and apply wherever anger is held in the body. You may also diffuse or inhale from the body.

Class - Essential Oils for Shame: Stopping the Shame Spiral and Restoring Energetic Flow with  Essential Oils

Remember, I'm here to help with questions and free 30 min Recovery Wellness consultations. I've been teaching Essential Oil Usage for 11 years, and I am a grateful Recovering Codependent/ Alcoholic. I know what it feels like, to search for ways to feel better. It's my mission to provide holistic, natural, easy tools to the Recovery Community. I'm here for you :)

Essential Oils for Shame- more support if you need it

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