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Essential Oils for Resentment

Essential Oils for Resentment

Essential Oils for Resentment:

Helichrysum + Ylang Ylang: Fills the holes of the heart with yin and sutures wounds.

Helichrysum + Lavender: Prevents avoidance and denial of heartache

Helichrysum + Cedarwood: Provides comfort and safety during the healing process.


Repair a Broken Heart - and love again Blend

10 ml Roller:

7 drops Helichrysum

4 Ylang Ylang

3 Geranium

2 Lavender

3 Cedarwood

2 Frankincense

Fill with Carrier oil of choice


*Imagery for meditation: 

Imagine your heart held in perfect love. As it is held, see it empty of sludge to expand and receive healing.

Declare Out loud this Affirmation to Release Resentment with Essential Oils:

"I can now forgive and forget. My heart now expands in love and gratitude."

Essential Oils for Resentment #1: Helichrysum

As you can see above the main ingredient for all the blends is Helichrysum! This is a powerful essential oil for resentment and many other issues. Helichrysum is also used in our grief blends, so feel free to pop over and read more about Helichrysum over there!

Essential Oils for resentment #2: Ylang Ylang

Latin Name: Cananga Odorata

Steam Distilled from Flowers

Sourced From Madagascar


*Top Properties:





Top Physical Uses:


*Low Libido, Imbalanced Hormones:

Apply to lower abdomen, pulse points, and or take 2 drops in a veggie capsule.


*Mental Fatigue, Loss of Will:

Diffuse or inhale from cupped hands. Apply over heart, take 2 drops in a veggie capsule.


*Distress, Grief, Heart Break, Crying, Fear, Shock, Trauma:

Diffuse or inhale from cupped hands. Apply over heart, and or back of neck. Take 2 drops in a veggie capsule.


*Anxious Feelings, Frustration, Trouble sleeping, Stress:

Diffuse or inhale from cupped hands. Apply under nose or on bottoms of feet.


*Emotional Balance: Use aromatically and topically to relieve burdens.

Essential Oil for Resentment #3: Frankincense

Latin name: Boswellia Frereana

Steam distilled from Resin

Sourced from Oman/ Somalia


Top Properties:







Top Physical Uses:


*Cellular and Immune Health:

Take in capsule or under tongue. Or use topically in targeted area of need. Massage with carrier oil of choice topically.


* Head Trauma/ Brain Injury

1 drop under the tongue and area of concern as needed.


*Constricted Breathing:

Apply topically to chest and throat, take 2 drops in a veggie capsule. Diffuse where you spend the most time.


*Meditation, prayer, and Connection to higher power: 

Apply under nose, or back of neck. Diffuse 2 drops 


*Emotional Balance:

Supports feelings of connection to spirituality

Essential Oil for Resentment #4: Cedarwood

Latin Name:

Juniperus Virginiana

Steam Distilled from Woods

Sourced From Southeastern USA


Top Properties:








Top Physical Uses:


*Difficulty paying attention:

Apply to the back of the neck, across the forehead. Diffuse or inhale in cupped hands as needed.

*Anxious Feelings:

Apply topically to the back of the neck and bottoms of feet. Inhale in cupped hands.


*Stiff Joints, Stiff neck, muscle tension:

Apply to area of concern


Emotional Balance: Use aromatically and topically to support feeling connected and part of  community.

Essential Oil for Resentment #5: Lavender

Lavandula Angustifolia

Steam Distilled Flowers

Sourced from Bulgaria


*Top Properties:











*Top Physical Uses:


*Sleep Issues, Restlessness, Jet lag:

Apply under nose, on bottoms of feet, and/or diffuse to promote better, deeper sleep. 


*Upset, uptight, stressed, anxious feelings, teeth grinding:

Apply over heart, on back of neck, inhale from cupped hands and diffuse.


*Sunburns, sunstroke, burns, scars, and stretch marks:

Apply to areas of concern.


*Seasonal Allergies:

Take 2 drops in a veggie capsule, or under tongue, Inhale from cupped hands.


*Bug bites, stings, hives, rashes, itching:

Apply topically to sooth any area of concern.


*Upset baby, colic, diaper rash, thrush:

Massage 1 drop with carrier oil of choice. Abdomen, bottoms of feet, and or area of concern.


*Cuts, wounds, blisters, and bruises:

Apply to areas of concern.


*Shock, hysteria, grief, and sorrow:

Diffuse or inhale, apply over heart.


*Injuries, sprains, muscle tension, and nerve pain:

Apply to areas of concern.


*Frequent Headaches:

Inhale and apply topically to temples and back of neck as needed.


*Emotional Balance:

Supports communication and expressing unheard emotion.


Latin name: Pelargonium Graveolens

Whole plant steam distilled

Sourced from Madagascar


*Top Properties:








*Top Physical Uses


*Blood Toxicity, Bleeding, Varicose Veins, Capillaries:

Take 2 drops in a capsule daily, apply to troubled areas, dilute with carrier oil of choice.


*Weak, Broken or Wounded Heart:

Diffuse or inhale. Apply topically over heart


*Nerve Pain and Spinal Degeneration, Calcification:

Apply topically to affected areas 


*Breast tenderness, engorgement, Miscarriage recovery:

Apply topically diluted to breast area, lower abdomen, and/or take 2 drops in a veggie capsule.


*Emotional Balance:

Use aromatically and topically to relieve feelings of neglect. Invite in and allow your heart to be mended.

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