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Essential Oils for Emotional Health Class




Emotional Health


Essential Oils for Emotional Health Class: Emotions and the Jaw, Wim Hof and a Gua Sha Tool

Essential Oils for Emotional Health Class Part 2: Wim Hof Breathing to Process and Ease Emotions

Next, the Emotional Coach played a YouTube, Whim Hof Breathing exercise activity and had the class participants try the exercise along with the video. After the video, she explained how pairing doTERRA Essential Oils while completing breathing techniques increases the benefits and aids in emotional release.


Class Participant’s Emotional Wins/Breakthrough/Check-in: A Class Participant shared that she was feeling insecure with herself when she was around some family members when she was not insecure when alone. She realized that in some of her close personal relationships, she was not setting boundaries and trying to justify herself continually. She said that she started to look at the person's disagreement as that individual’s problem, not hers.  


What Essential Oil did you use: Peace Touch Essential Oil. The participant used it topically in a roller blend. She said she is a peaceful person and feels at peace when she uses the Peace blend touch essential oil. 


Feedback from group and coach: The Emotional Coach said that in her own life with muddy boundaries in her close personal relationships that she needed to release the expectation she is placing on the specific family member so she is not disappointed when the person does not meet that expectation. Another participant suggested using Rose Touch essential oil and Breathe Blend touch essential oil, around the neck and chest. To uplift mood and decrease anxiety in those situations mentioned above.

Essential Oils for Emotional Health Class Weekly Challenge:

Try completing a Wim Hof Breathing technique and using Gua Sha Tool for releasing facial tension release. 

Essential Oils for Emotional Health Class Summary

Essential Oils for Emotional Health Class Part 1: The connection between the jaw and emotions.


During class, the Emotional Coach went over how to use a Gua Sha Tool ( a smooth-shaped stone). It is used by holding the stone in your hand and gliding it along with different pressure points on your face. This exercise helps lift your face as well as release tension that is caused by stress. She noted that a lot of people with TMJ also benefit from using a Gua Sha tool to release jaw tension.


The emotional coach went over what doTERRA essential oils can be used while completing this exercise. She sprayed doTERRA Verage Facial Toner before using the Gua Sha Tool. Then she demonstrated using the Gua Sha tool on her face starting with a tension point next to the mouth gliding the tool upward (with the pressure you would apply as if you were scraping water from the top of Jello) up to the top of her cheekbone. The next area she went to was the corner of her nose gliding the tool upward to the same place as the top of the cheekbone. She then used the tool between the eye and top of the nose and went upward toward the eyebrow and through the eyebrow. Last she used the tool gliding from eyebrow upward to her hairline.


She stopped using the Gua Sha tool and formed her fingers in a scissor shape. She started at the bottom of the chin and kept the scissor fingers gliding upward toward the top of the cheekbone and through the hairline. The Emotional Coach noted that a lot of people hold tension at the top of the ear within the hairline. 

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