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Essential Oil for Clearing Emotions






Hi everyone, 
I just got over being sick with Covid, and I've had some deep thoughts float to the surface post illness.
First, I actually feel much less stressed out and have almost no pain in my neck/jaw. This being my primary place that I hold stress/life pressure.
So really, Covid was like a covid vacation (even though it still really sucked). 
It got me thinking about all the pressure and expectations I put on myself... and all of a sudden it's gone. All I had to do was surrender and let go. 
I told this story to a friend of mine (Nikki Jordan) and she said, "well ya, Surrender RELEASES pain and starts the healing process."
As long as you fight whatever it is you're fighting, you'll stop the natural flow. 

The other night while I was watching that show “hoarders buried alive” with my son, and I realized that anytime we want to shift energy.. we have to let go of something. 
Ya know when you clean off your kitchen countertops, and table- the feeling you get? RELIEF and more SPACE. Then the magic happens. You want to cook something. Your creativity flows again. 
That's what I want to do, in more areas of my life than one. Clear out what's old, and make room for what is possible. 

Here's my checklist of Ideas/Tools for making room for joy and happiness in your Life!

*Diffuse Citrus Oils: They remind us to be happy like little kids
Green Mandarin
Wild Orange

*Breathing Exercise-
Have you heard of Wim Hof? Look him up on youtube. 
 It Takes about 10 minutes. Before you start, take 1 drop Cardamom, or Breathe Blend in your hands and breathe in your nose and mouth. 

Then massage under your cheekbones. 

Drink fresh Juices or smoothies:
I love smoothies, they make me happy. Here's my go to recipe:
1 frozen banana
1 cup frozen strawberries
Acai frozen pouch (from costco)
12 oz carton Coconut water
1 drop wild orange

If you've got a juicer in the house or you have a favorite shop you like, here's how I doctor up my juice:
Juice 1 full stock of Celery, 2 drops Lemon Oil per 12 oz glass 

Hot drinks:
Ginger/ Lemon Tea
1 tsp honey
2 drops each Ginger oil and Lemon Oil 

Roman Chamomile Tea
2 drops Madagascar Vanilla Oil

Super Stress Buster:
8 oz warm water/ or room temp
4 drops Lavender oil 
then take 2 Adaptiv Softgels

Complete Kit for Immune Support:

Life Long Vitality Supplements, made from food, not isolated vitamins made in a lab. It's like real fruit, instead of skittles.

On guard Essential Oil: Kills Bacteria and Virus' in the air. Can be used internally for immune support. Kinda like bringing Batman to fight the bad guys in Gotham City :)

On Guard Chewable tablets: These are so great, packed with Vitamin C, D and Zinc plus the power of On Guard. Really really helps sore throat, and gives you extra protection against... you know who.

On Guard Softgels: I use these daily, they support the immune system and get rid of the bad germs and such. 

Lemon Oil: 1 drop lemon in your water daily helps digestion, keeps your liver happy and provides stress relief. We all know if we're stressed out, it lowers the immune system. 

Walk around the block am/pm if the weather permits, or do a 5-10 min YouTube video. I like Tracy Mallet (Booty Barre)

Write it down:
I'm a big fan of the "Essential Emotions": book. There's also an app if you don't want to wait for it to come in the mail. 
Here's how to use it. Flip to the body section of the book (page 158) Look up the body part that you feel holds the most stress. It could be the usual suspects.. neck, shoulders, back.. but if you have a chronic complaint in your body- it might be fun to look that up and see what emotions may be stuck there! Our bodies have emotional "Storage Lockers" full of old feelings that we just didn't deal with.. instead we stuffed um. Here's our chance to follow the trail, use the oils it recommends, then try and feel that feeling for 16 seconds. Say the affirmation out loud. Then answer the deeper questions associated with the emotion you're desiring to release from your body. In order for this to work, we need to gain wisdom and awareness, that's why we journal. Even if it's just 1 sentence. It's a win. Continue with this several days in a row, working on one issue at a time, that way you'll be able to see your progress. 

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