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Essential Oils and Alcohol Addiction:

We commend you for showing up for yourself in a way that will benefit your emotional, physical and spiritual health. Meetings, connection with a sober community and working the steps are extremely important but you’ve landed here because you need additional support. 


Essential oils are extremely powerful, especially doTerra Oils, so they can be one of the most powerful tools in your recovery tool box. The beauty of these oils is they can be available to you whenever, wherever you need them. Let’s be honest, connecting with your recovery buddies isn’t always an option. In the middle of a difficult meeting and can’t call your sponsor? Maybe it’s the middle of the night, fear begins to build and there are no meetings on? Simply pick up one of the recommended essential oils and alcohol addiction choices, and apply quickly, discreetly and BOOM. Your nervous system begins to settle itself down. And you smell good too!

Resources for Essential Oils and alcohol addiction:

One of the reasons essential oils and alcohol addiction recovery go together so well is because the oils are a more of holistic approach rather than just physically restraining from taking a drink. Because these oils are so powerful they can help target the root of your addiction. Maybe you’re dealing with severe physical pain. Maybe, emotionally you’re struggling and your coping mechanism thus far has been to turn to a cocktail. Or perhaps your relationships are a mess and you’re absolutely exhausted from trying to figure it all out. Whatever the root of your addiction is, there is an essential oil to support that. No Joke. We’ve even seen people whose gut biome and digestion was so awful, it was messing with their emotions causing them to do things (drink excessively) and after cleaning it up, their minds became clear and focus, while addiction was kicked to the curb.


Essential oils and alcohol addiction recovery is a match made in heaven. These beautiful oils are used to foster a balanced mind, body and soul. You can’t balance yourself out by simply white knuckling until the craving dissipates. Essential oils and alcohol addiction recovery is the sustainable way to go, ensuring the roller coaster ride of being on and off the wagon is avoided. If you’re looking for the long term solution and want a simple yet effective missing piece to the puzzle of sobriety, we’re happy to help you find the absolute best essential oils, tailored to your needs.


Knowing which essential oils to use for alcohol addiction depends on a few things like where you are in your recovery, the root cause of your addiction, or your triggers. So here are a few pages to get you started but if you’re at all confused or overwhelmed reach out, we’d love to help. It’s what we’re here to do on this planet.

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Recovering from alcohol addiction is an extremely challenging thing to do. We know, because we’ve been there, so we understand how tough it is. But….


 The fact you’re here means you’re going to make it. 

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