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Essential Oils and Addiction

Essential Oils and Addiction

So you're sober, you’re feeling all the feelings and need help with managing physical symptoms on the road to healing your body.

 We want to minimize the stress and move forward in our steps. Gently cleansing toxins and cleaning up the damage to our body. 

Natural solutions for pain, anxious feelings, sleep, immune support, and digestion. 

Safe, proven, non habit forming products formulated for our recovery based community. 


      In my own recovery, I had a leg up with training and a working knowledge of alternative medicine. 

If I have pain, anxiety, cold symptoms, sudden digestive stress, I know what will help, and I take for granted that knowledge is not common. 

In meetings I hear the suffering and the need for at home tools and remedies. I realized part of being of service and lending a hand as a member of this community, means I needed to put together this info all in one spot and make it accessible as it applies to us.


     My most recent, pleasant discovery- When using these oils with intention- they support the release of emotions while working the 12 steps. 

By moving stuck emotions when we are feeling them all over again, we are given a unique opportunity to change the sensation. 

Essential Oils and Addiction

Disclaimer: doTERRA Certified Tested Grade Essential Oils are the ONLY brand you may use for medicinal purposes. The other stuff was made in a lab, never was a plant at all, adulterated, or not tested for human consumption. 

Top 3 Oils for Addiction

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The specifics of Essential Oils and Addiction:

*Lemon Essential Oil:

Gentle daily liver cleansing

Lifts your mood

Helps focus your attention


*Lavender Essential Oil: 

relieves anxious feelings

calms the nervous system 

opens communication


*Peppermint Essential Oil:

Relieves Headaches, stomachaches, muscle tension

lowers the body temperature (fever, hot flashes, or you're just hot)

provides strength to face emotional pain


*Deep Blue Blend:

Relieves Muscle, Nerve, Bone, Tendon discomfort

Supports Tissue Regeneration

assists individuals to release emotional pain


*On guard Blend:

Strengthens the Immune System

Cleans the air and home environment 

Supports a person to cut away unhealthy connections


*Adaptiv Blend:

Relieves Anxious Feelings

Builds ability to adapt to stress

Self acceptance and confidence


*Balance Blend:

Balance Heart rate

calms overactive thinking

helps to focus and be grounded


*Copaiba Essential Oil:

Relieves muscle and bone discomfort

calms the nervous system

supports sleep

supports the release of shame and guilt



Supports Healthy Cell Development

Regenerates liver 

opens up communication with higher power


*Breathe Blend:

opens up airways

raises blood oxygen

relieves coughing and clears sinus pressure

allergy support

supports the ability to let go of grief


*Wild Orange Essential Oil:

relieves throat tightness and helps swallowing muscles

relieves heart burn

supports healthy weight loss

inspires abundance and supports a positive mood

serenity prayer & essential oils

3 Ways to Use doTERRA Essential Oils: 


1) Aromatic: Diffuse or inhale

2) Topical: Apply to affected area for localized relief

3) Internal: Enjoy a few drops in water, a veggie capsule, or under the tongue

Essential Oils and Addiction, the oils

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