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Essential Oil for Quitting Sugar: Episode 2
Essential Oil for Sugar Cravings




Sugar Elimination Using Essential Oils

Episode # 2  

Kicking Sugar Out! 



Balancing Food and Emotions 


with Kim Ureta

Still have questions about the best essential oil for quitting sugar?


We connect twice weekly and we personally invite you to join us on our journey working though emotions with the support of a great team and of course plant power of essential oils!

Learn to manage strong emotions like anger, overwhelm, and sadness simply by using food and essential oils to modulate your hormonal system. 

In this class Kim takes you through how to identify what your feeling and listen to what your body is telling you. Why? And what does this have to do with essential oils for quitting sugar? Let me ask you; ever find yourself scarfing down a cake while standing in your kitchen? Ever overeat after waiting too long for your meal at a restaurant? Ever find yourself eating a bag of potato chips for dinner? We've all been there and in this episode we learn that all of it is so EASILY preventable.

Ok OK ! We all know sugar isn't helping us become the best version of ourselves, so why do we keep going back? Sugar is a highly addictive substance, some say even more than heroin! So we need tools and Kim delivers the goods in this amazing episode on essential oils for quitting sugar, because truth be told there isn't one perfect essential oil for quitting sugar and maintaining emotional intelligence. It actually depends on the situation and where you're at in the day and whats going on for you. Confused? Don't be! Just listen to the full episode....

pssst... It's FREE!

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