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In this Essential Emotions Class we checked in with how we’re doing. Kim was vulnerable today and shared a difficult experience she was having with a loved one. What is the line between treating someone poorly and verbal abuse? When we try to set boundaries it doesn’t always work. In recovery and this class we discuss how to set boundaries, including internal boundaries. Setting an internal boundary doesn’t mean stonewalling but it means not allowing others to pull our strings and then using effective communication to say how we feel and ask for what we need.


Kim used Neroli roller on her jaw to help with the rage she was experiencing. Many times her emotional pain increased her physical pain and perpetuated her addiction cycle. The Neroli oil helps stop the cycle. 


Clary Calm has really helped another participant who is going through menopause. Kim read out the emotional benefits for Clary Calm from the Essential Emotions book: It’s amazing really. It creates warmer relationships by reducing the fear of intimacy. For any love addicts, insecure or avoidant attachment styles fear of intimacy is the root of all our problems. 

Essential Oils for Addiction Class Notes:

Participants shared how communication is sometimes difficult. Isn’t what we all want and need is an active listener in our lives? Many of us don’t feel we have a safe place to vent or be heard. Sometimes friends or family members offer up toxic positivity, which isn’t helpful at all. Some tools for overcoming this were:


  • When reaching out to someone for a listening ear ask if they have the capacity to hold space for your troubled heart.

  • Always be clear in stating whether or not you want feedback. Sometimes we just want to be listened to but we need to say that outloud so the other person can just listen without formulating a response.

  • Online addiction meetings are a great place to be heard. See link in resources at the bottom. Some the more helpful meetings are Healthy Love, CODA meetings and ACA because they get to the root of the problem. Kim also shared how she finally went to a chronic pain meeting on in the rooms and it was extremely helpful.

  • A participant also brought up laughter therapy and how helpful it can be, because when we laugh we release chemicals that reduce physical and emotional pain

We discussed how we can use essential oils to stop addiction. Sometimes it’s helpful to have guide book such as the Essential Emotions book but sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies. An animal in the wild always knows what plants it can and can’t eat and which nutrients it should seek out at different times. We can tune into our intuition as well to sort out what it is that we need. 


Kim read a segment from Deborah Adele’s book Yama and Niyama about Surrender and we discussed alot about Surrender. Letting go and giving up trying to control everyone and everything is essential to having a happy life. But it isn’t always easy. Understanding that our higher power knows what is best for us is the key. Eventually over time in recovery we learn to trust this power, instead of swimming against the current of the flow of the Universe we begin to swim with it and enjoy the ease and flow of the what life provides for us.  


We closed the meeting with a reading of positive affirmations. Such a wonderful way to close!

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