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doterra oils that help with anxiety

#1 DoTERRA Oils that Help with Anxiety:

Adaptiv Blend:

Physical uses: poor coping, anxiousness, lack of motivation, mental fatigue

Emotional Uses: Adaptiv asks individuals to exercise faith that they will be carried when they no longer know the way and to believe they are never alone.

Adaptiv Softgels:

 Take 1 am/ 1 pm for reprogramming stress response. Can also be used as needed. 

Adaptiv Roller: On the go stress relief. Roll on forearms, back of neck and cupped hands to take 4 deep breaths in moments of high emotion. 


doTERRA Oils that Help with Anxiety

DoTERRA Oils that Help with Anxiety

Medicinal Essential Oils are excellent for effectively reprogramming the stress response on a chemical level. For example, when the cell membrane is hardened, cells suspend activity, rich nutrients and oxygen from the blood are not able to enter the cell, and toxic waste inside the cell is unable to escape. The chemical compounds in citrus oils, when inhaled, help cells to return to their normal state, thus allowing the interchange of nutrients and release of toxins to resume. On a physiological cellular level, the body's descent into fight or flight is interrupted, and


the body is quickly able to shift towards homeostasis.


Homeostasis is our peaceful and calm state....

There are numerous viable essential oils solutions that can interrupt unhealthy stress responses and prevent additional negative results

Usage Tips for doTERRA Oils that Help with Anxiety:

Essential Oils are extremely effective for managing and eliminating stress. Any method of application can be successful. Here are some primary methods:


*Aromatic: Smell an aroma for an immediate invitation to relax, calm down, and get focused. Diffuse favorite oils, inhale from bottle or hands, apply to clothing or under your nose.


*Topical: Apply to tense or tired muscles on back, shoulders, neck, legs, or anywhere stress is affecting the body. Topical use also allows for an aromatic experience. Consider use on the chest, gland locations, base of skull, behind ears, and across forehead. 


*Internal: Stress often affects internal activity such as digestion. Choose and use oils according to need. Take in an empty veggie capsule or water. 

Testimonials for Adaptiv

Proof that DoTERRA Oils that help with anxiety really do work wonders

Adaptiv System Testimonials 

SaraKate Camargo

Adaptiv is what got me started in DōTERRA. I was living with a panic attack that had been lasting for over 2 weeks. My medication for it did not help at all. I needed something. Anything to help with it. My friend had the adaptiv rollerball. I was willing to try it. She drove it over to me at 9 at night. I used it and waited. In a few minutes I finally felt some relief. It was a miracle. The next day my friend told me about the capsules. I started them. With in two days I noticed a huge difference. My heart rate went from 125 just sitting there to 95. My anxiety was much more manageable. I was amazed. Apparently so was my body. I take it everyday and swear by it. It really did change my life.

Shawn C

Anxiety and Depression, two suffrages I never thought I would have to endure.  I have been around both my whole life-my mother, aunts, cousins, wife, they have all shared their stories but I never could fully understand.  I always thought, just snap out of it, it’s all in your head.  About four months ago my life, perspective and empathy all changed.  I don’t know exactly what made my mind and body snap but it came over me one night and settled in.  I am lucky to have loved ones who were able to help guide me through the lows and piece together a holistic puzzle to wellness.  Here enters Doterra's Adaptiv blend.  My higher power, meditation and essential oils are the three cornerstones in getting back to rest and digest , homeostasis, mind/body connection, controlling my thoughts and not letting my thoughts control me, finding my mental strength, my soul peace, not feeling like I want to curl up in a ball and not leave the house, being able to answer the phone, return texts, feel motivated to accomplish tasks, get back to working out, finding new ways to enjoy movement, enjoying my family, driven to achieve financial goals, to name a few.  My wife has many oils that our family uses on a daily basis.  Working through this experience, she shared Adaptiv oil and capsules with me.  I don’t leave the house with either anymore.  When I start to feel that anxious creep coming back, I pull out the Adaptiv roller and bring it to my nose.  I roll it on my palms and wrists and the aroma literally calms my nervous system within seconds.  I take a capsule before I leave the house to have a healthy system in place.  I am giving my body beneficial, non habit forming plants that tell my body, we got this.  Throughout this eye opening, life changing, soul searching journey, I am grateful for God's gracious and abundant gifts that can be shared for growth, comfort and community.  Many blessings.


Pamela Stone

I have the oil, the roller ball, and the gels. Gets me through the tough days and helps calm the brain at bedtime.

Lisa Hunsucker

When really stressed. Diffuse adaptive oil, put the roller behind ears, roll in hands and breathe it, Take soft gel. It helps 

Video Explaination for Adaptiv

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