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When we decide to recover, we start noticing the havoc we have wreaked on our bodies. Here are proven, natural tools to get your digestion back on track






DoTERRA Oils for Stomach Issues

Digestzen Blend: 

physical uses: 

Bloating, gas, heartburn, nausea, indigestion, improves overall digestion

Instructions: Apply over abdomen, or add a drop to 8 oz of water to drink.


Digestzen Softgels:

Instructions: For best results take 1 softgel morning and night. Can also be used as needed

Lemon Essential Oil:

use 1 drop in warm water to drink in the morning. Add a drop to drinking water throughout the day to stimulate proper digestion and liver cleanse. This will give you energy and lift your mood. 

Single DoTERRA Oils for Stomach Issues

Single DoTERRA oils for Stomach Issues to improve digestion usage directions


For best effect on digestive and Intestinal activity: 

*Internal: place 1-3 drops in water and drink, take in a veggie capsule, lick off the back of hand, or place drops on or under tongue.

*Topical: Apply oils topically to the abdomen or bottoms of feet. Use a carrier oil to avoid skin sensitivity. Only apply topically to cold skin, that means when your pores are closed. 

#1 DoTERRA Oils for Stomach Issues:


-physical uses:

appetite suppressant, heartburn, acid reflux, kidney and gallbladder support, liver cleanser

-emotional uses:

Lemon restores confidence in those who have negative self thoughts associated with learning. Releasing self doubt, anxiety, confusion, frustration and overwhelm.

#2 DoTERRA Oils for Stomach Issues:


-physical uses:

Nausea, gas, vomiting, acid reflux, hunger pains and sugar cravings, kidney support

-emotional uses:

Fennel supports us when we feel overwhelmed by reminding us of our potential.

#3 DoTERRA Oils for Stomach Issues:


-physical uses:

Nausea, indigestion, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach cramps

-emotional uses:

Just as ginger promotes physical digestion, it encourages healthy digestion of uncomfortable challenges and supports resolution of gut related anxiety. 

#4 DoTERRA Oils for Stomach Issues:


physical uses:

Nausea, stomach pain, heartburn, vomiting, Irritated bowel

-emotional uses: 

Peppermint helps individuals struggling with depression to see the joy in life. Releasing sluggishness, sadness, stress, lack of focus and resistance

#5 DoTERRA Oils for Stomach Issues:


physical uses:

Stomach ache, constipation, diarrhea, stomach ulcers

-emotional uses:

Cardamom lifts the spirit and opens the heart. Releasing grief and sadness

#6 DoTERRA Oils for Stomach Issues:


-physical uses: 

gallstone and gallbladder support, curb appetite and sugar cravings, liver cleanser

-emotional uses:

Grapefruit helps us to love our bodies more by inspiring us to pay attention to what our bodies really need. It helps eliminate toxic thoughts related to self worth.

Supplements for DoTERRA Oils for Stomach Issues

*PB Assist: Probiotics for adults. Did you know 90% of your serotonin receptors are in your gut? That means healthy, clean intestines will promote healthy serotonin levels, which makes us feel happier!


*PB Assist JR: kids probiotics, tastes like watermelon and comes in a pixie stick!


*Terrazyme: Taken with food, enzymes help break down your meal to be used for energy. Taken on an empty stomach, it's like a cleaning crew 

cleaning up inflammation. I take 1 before bed, since my body is hard at work healing in my sleep. 


*doTERRA Fiber: Fiber is essential to populated a healthy gut flora. Think of it as fish food for your probiotics. Without fiber in your diet, your good bacteria doesn't have what it needs to thrive. 


*doTERRA Greens: Nobody eats enough greens, this supports overall health and energy. I drink a glass in the morning to support digestion. I've also used it as an appetite suppressant at night since it's so tasty, I feel like I got a treat :) 

Testimonials for DoTERRA Oils for Stomach Issues

Digestzen Testimonials:


Shirley Y

My tummy problems started long ago when I was a young child. I didn’t have a very healthy diet which created bad habits for my later years. I have always had problems with constipation. When I was a teenager I had a truck driver’s diet, I would eat Mcdonald’s breakfast sandwich or a donut. In the afternoon, I would have Del Taco and later at dinner eat whatever my mom made. I loved all sweets and fried foods. Later when I was a senior in high school I started working out and eating much healthier, but I still had tummy issues and chronic bladder infections. When I was in my early twenties, I started researching different solutions to correct these uncomfortable issues. I found a colon hydrotherapist who helped educate me on keeping hydrated and adding more fiber into my diet. Even with this information though, I tried to balance out the healthy with the unhealthy favorites like cheese and bread which basically made a blockade for anything to pass through. In my late 20’s I was introduced to essential oils and found some amazing products that help with digestion, bloating, and keeping good bacteria in my system to prevent bladder infections. 


I now take a fiber supplement paired with a greens powder supplement to make sure that I have enough fiber to help with constipation and get the right greens taken from actual fruits and vegetables that are not created in a lab. When I do indulge in too much pizza or some Italian meal that has entirely too many carbs and fats, I take Digestzen essential oil its a blend of oils like peppermint, fennel, and in an 8 oz glass of water, or take a Digesten soft gel to get relief from bloating, it works fast and it’s inexpensive what can be better! For my bladder infection situation, I take PBassist and Terrazyme supplements, 


I am trying to implement better habits for my own children by having them take PB assist Jr and Green powder supplements, so they will have opportunities to make healthier choices for their future.  



Karen H

I have a hiatal hernia and also pain with that. The Dr cannot explain why the pain. When it happens only Digestzen works to relieve it. I carry a bottle with me wherever I go.


Paul L

Takes my sinus pain away instantly


Lisa A

I really like the taste of it I put a drop of it in 32 oz of water and I think it helps with absorption and calms digestive issues


Sally H

Whenever I eat too much and get a terrible tummy ache, I spread Digestzen all over my belly in the middle of the night and in maybe 5 minutes it’s all gone and I go to sleep! That stuff is magic!!!!


Mtz A

I suffer from gerd. My stomach does not agree with many foods! Digestzen is always my go to. A couple of drops under my tongue…and within 30 minutes I’m feeling so much better!


Jackie W

I used to not be able to eat eggs, Without getting terrible pain and gas. After I found the digestzen softgels I decided to take one and eat eggs to see if it helps. Well I can now enjoy eggs pain free!

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