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DoTERRA Oils for Inflammation and Pain


for Inflammation



Natural, fast, non habit forming Pain Relief- DoTERRA Oils for Inflammation and Pain

I love when something simple, easy and fast helps me feel better, and I really love sharing those tools with others.

Using a nature based product gives me peace of mind. I can get fast pain relief, without over the counter or prescribed medications.

Deep Blue essential oil Blend is non habit forming, and can be used as needed. This is a huge gift to the recovery community, since we are limited in what the medical community can prescribe. Natural is the way to go anyway- it's faster and has no side effects.

Finding something that works is like magic

DoTERRA Oils for pain and inflammation



Apply  2-3 drops of Deep blue blend topically on the affected areas. For best results, use a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. This will allow you to use less of the concentrated oil and spread the relief further. 


Deep Blue Stick: Roll on areas of concern, hands free! Great for on the go pain relief, without getting oil on your hands. 


Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex: 2 capsules pre workout will help from feeling sore later. Can be used in place of over the counter pain relievers. I take 2 before bed, to prevent waking up sore in the morning. 

DoTERRA Oils for Inflammation and Pain: Deep Blue Testimonials

SaraKate C

I use deep blue every night on my lower back. It’s amazing. But I also get severe headaches and love to use the rub or stick on to temples and forehead to relieve them. It works every time. I also use the rub on my foot that has plantar fasciitis. Within minutes I can feel a difference in the pain. I could bathe in it. I love the stuff. It is great for everything!


Lisa Ann G

After I've had a long day doing Hands-On work on other people the roll-on is excellent on my forearms it really does help a lot


Cory P

Deep blue is the saver of my back pain.


Barbara T

Anytime I get leg cramps the deep blue is my go too! Works every time 


Pamela S

Deep blue is amazing on my feet. It’s hard to walk if I don’t use it. When I do, I have no pain at all.


Karen E

Deep Blue with Lemon Grass helps my husband with his Sciatic pain. Like it's AMAZING!


Sandy S

Deep blue with copaiba working great for my nerve issues in my neck



Joelle A

One of my favorites I love my deep blue for back pain. I've got deep blue stick I take it everywhere with me!


Rebecca H

Deep blue rub is amazing! When my neck hurts from holding all my stress there, I rub some on and it soothes the pain away

Single DoTERRA Oils for Inflammation and Pain

Best practices for relief from pain and inflammation using doTERRA essential oils:


*Topical: Very effective in relieving pain resulting from a structural issue. Apply oils directly to any area of concern. Use a carrier oil (coconut oil, jojoba etc) if necessary to prevent skin sensitivity. Apply often, every 20-30 min, until symptoms subside, then reduce to every 2-6 hours for acute pain. For chronic pain, apply 2-3x daily. Layering is very effective for using multiple oils at the same time.


*Internal: Highly effective for more chronic or internal pain. Place oils in an empty veggie capsule or drop under tongue (hold for 30 seconds, swallow).


Top Solutions for Pain Relief:


Single Oils:


Copaiba- arthritis, muscle cramps, plantar fasciitis, headaches, migraines


Turmeric- joint pain and swelling, arthritis, gout, rheumatism, sore muscles, menstrual cramps


Frankincense- Sciatica, back pain, headaches, liver pain


Helichrysum- Bone bruising, Joints and back pain, ear aches, head aches


Wintergreen- soothes aches and pain, warms, promotes circulation, supports bone healing


Peppermint- headaches, concussion, migraines, menstrual cramps, nerve damage, sciatica, muscle stiffness, tennis elbow


Lemongrass- Connective tissue injury, joint, tendon and ligament pain, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder


Marjoram- Carpal tunnel, bone spurs, tendinitis, arthritis, muscle cramps and sprains


Siberian Fir- pain, inflammation, gout, tired achy muscles, broken bones


Sandalwood- muscle spasms, cramps, sciatica, nerve damage, scar tissue


Wild Orange- reduces stress related to pain

 DoTERRA Oils for Inflammation and Pain

Blends and More:

Deep Blue Blend- Muscles, back, and joint pain


Deep Blue Stick- works like the oil, but made for on the go easy application


Past Tense Blend- Headaches, migraines, hangover, joints, neck and shoulder pain


Aromatouch Blend- Muscle tension, aches, cramps, headache, backache, connective tissue damage, ligament and tendon issues


*Daily Supplements for Long Term Relief:


Life Long Vitality Pack:


Turmeric Dual Capsules


Copaiba Softgels



Where to start? Here's a perfect kit to help with fast relief and long term healing:

Everybody is different.....Confused about what would work best for YOUR pain relief?

Free Consultations with Kim Ureta,

expert aromatherapist and bodyworker for decades.

If you're anything like me, when you entered recovery your body was in trouble. Things were so out of whack! Stomach issues, insomnia, and constant roar of anxiety. It's so much to bear when you're newly sober and just trying to stay sane. The crazy part is


your gut, sleep and nervous system (hello anxiety)  are the foundations of your sanity.


Early recovery is never easy but it's so much easier when your anxiety, tummy and rest is balanced out properly. Don't know where to start? Start with the physical, then when you're ready go deep. 

Here are some helpful links start your journey to physical recovery:

How does a person recover? 

The old hurts, the new hurts. They add up and weigh us down. Not knowing what to do with your feelings, and seeking to go numb. 

This is "normal" for many people. 

I completely understand, and there's good news. 

I've laid out a holistic recovery plan, along with essential oil education to relieve the physical symptoms of detox and emotional pain. 

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