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Doterra Oils fo Grief

Doterra Oils for Grief

Doterra Oils for Grief:


Grief is such a tricky emotion because it can sneak up on you when you're not expecting it. In our go get em culture of valuing action over presence, we often don't even realize we're experiencing grief, and we might just feel an overwhelming sadness while we try to soldier on through out our daily routine. Often we think of grief in terms of losing someone we love, but it's so much more than that. Humans experience grief in many different ways through out our daily lives. Ambiguous grief can pop up when we experience all different types of loss. Loss of a job, loss of a daily routine, loss of a beloved social activity, loss of a good feeling, loss of hope can all trigger grief. These Doterra Oils for Grief are all excellent ways to support yourself through times of sadness and loss. 

Cardamom + Eucalyptus- Releases Grief and Sorrow in the Lungs

Cardamon + Rose- Ushers in the Receiving of Compassion and Unconditional Love

Cardamom + Bergamot- Lets go of the Past and Welcomes a New Future


Grievers Blend:

10ml Glass Roller:

7 drops Cardamom

5 drops Eucalyptus

5 drops Helichrysum

2 drops Rose (from the 5ml bottle) if you have the 10ml Rose Touch use 30 drops 

2 drops Bergamot

fill with carrier oil of choice



Roll over heart space and wrists as needed


*Affirmation to declare outloud: 

"I am now finding new hope each day. I can now allow grace and receive an abundance of pure oxygen and light"


Imagery for meditation: See a weight lifting off the chest, allowing your lungs to expand and receive an abundance of pure oxygen and light.


Diffuser recommendation:

2-3 drops cardamom in your diffuser by your bed 

Doterra Oils for Grief: Blends

Doterra Oils for Grief:


Doterra Oils for Grief:  My personal favorite uses for Cardamom have been for nausea, and for deep sadness.

When I have struggled with intense heart ache in my marriage, adding cardamom to my diffuser and sticking close to breath in the vapors- 

really took the sting out of the emotional pain I was feeling. Reminding me, this feeling won't last forever, it will pass in a day or so. I also noticed, that after a few days of needing the cardamom, I was able to voice my feelings to my husband much easier than if I had not been intentional in how I used my oils for support. 

Latin name: Elettaria Cardamomum


Steam Distilled: Seeds


Sourced from Guatamala


Top Properties: 

Digestive Stimulant





Top Physical Uses:


*Respiratory Congestion & Breathing Difficulties

instructions: Apply to chest, bridge of nose, forehead & and diffuser.


*Stomach Ache & Constipation:

Instructions: take 2 drops in a veggie capsule/ or apply topically to abdomen with carrier oil of choice (coconut oil, jojoba etc)


*Gastritis & Stomach Ulcers:

Instructions: Take 2 drops in a capsule daily, and/or apply topically to abdomen with carrier oil 


*Menstrual & Muscular Pain:

Instructions: Apply to area of concern, 2-3 drops as needed - with a carrier oil


Sore Throats & Fever:

Instructions: Gargle 2 drops in a glass of warm salt water, use topically on throat, back of neck, forhead, and/or bottoms of feet. Use a carrier oil.



Instructions: Take 2 drops daily in a veggie capsule, apply under 2nd and 3rd toes (acupuncture points for eyes)


*Mental Fatigue & Confustion:

Instructions: Apply under nose and back of neck as needed


*Pancreatitis & Slow Metabolism

Instructions: Apply topically over pancreas (located behind stomach on left upper abdomen)

take 2 drops in a veggie capsule 2-3x daily for a month then check in with your body whether or not to continue.

Cardamom Doterra Oil for Grief - Tea

Doterra Oils for Grief #2: Eucalyptus

Latin Name: Eucalyptus Radiata

Steam Distilled from Leaves

Sourced from Australia


Top Properties:










Top Physical Uses:


*Congestion, Cough

Apply topically to chest, bridge of nose, forehead and bottoms of feet. Diffuse or inhale from cupped hands.


*Common Cold:

Apply 2-3 drops on bottoms of feet and spine with carrier oil of choice. Diffuse 2 drops 


*Fever and Heath Sensitivity:

Apply topically down the spine for cooling effect.


*Bites, Wounds, Cuts, and Blisters:

Apply 1-2 drops topically to area of concern. Repeat several times a day.


*Blood Pressure and Poor Circulation:

Apply topically to feet twice daily


*Ear Aches and Sore Throat:

Dilute and apply topically around and below ears and massage down the neck to stimulate lymph drainage.


*Mental Sluggishness & Headaches:

Inhale 1 drops with 1 drop rosemary in cupped hands. Keep eyes closed


*Kidney and Bladder Issues:

Gently massage 1-2 drops with carrier oil over middle back and lower abdomen.


*Breast Tenderness:

Dilute with a carrier oil and gently massage 


*Muscle Fatigue and Nerve Inflammation:

Dilute and massage 2-3 drops into effected area as needed.


*Cellulite, edema, and body odor:

Apply diluted to area of concern or under arms.


*Cleaning Disinfectant and Dust Mites:

add 15 drops to a glass spray bottle of water and use to clean.


*Emotional Balance: 

Use aromatically and topically with the intention of releasing congestion and inviting energy flow.

Doterra Oils for Grief:


Doterra Oils for Grief #3: Rose

Latin name: Rosa Damascena

Steam distilled from flowers

sourced from Bulgaria


Top Properties:








Top Physical Uses:

Low Sex Drive, Lack of Sexual Confidence: 

Diffuse or inhale from cupped hands. Apply topically to lower abdomen, bottoms of feet.


*Grief, Depression, Broken Heart, Lonely, Heart issues:

Diffuse and apply topically to the back of the neck, forehead, and or over heart daily.


Seizures, Brain and Nerve Issues:

Apply topically to the back of your neck, and bottoms of feet.


*Fine Lines, Scars, Wrinkles, Facial Capillaries, and Redness:

Apply to areas of concern, add to skincare routine.



Comine with Jasmine or neroli and apply as desired


Emotional Balance: Use aromatically and topically to go from Isolated to feeling self love from within.

Doterra Oils for Grief:


Doterra Oils for Grief #3: Bergamot

Citrus Bergamia

Cold Press from the Rind

Sourced from Italy


Top Properties:





digestive stimulant


Top Physical Uses:

*Addiction & Dopamine

Apply to back of neck and bottoms of feet daily. Take 2 drops in a veggie capsule daily for a month, then check in with your body.


*Self Worth Issues and Depression 

Apply over heart or gut and diffuse daily.


*Appetite (excess or loss):

Use 1 drop to breath in cupped hands as needed, take 2 drops in a veggie capsule 2x daily


*Acne, Oily skin: 

Apply to affected area as needed


*Fungal Issues, and Candida:

Apply topically to affected area and take 2 drops in a veggie capsule 2x daily


*Bladder and Urinary Irritation:

take 2 drops in a veggie capsule 2-3x a day until the issue is resolved. Avoid sugar.


*Liver Cleanse:

Drink 1 drop in warm water or tea as a gentle daily cleanse 


*Chest Cold and Sore Throat:

Apply topically to chest area/ or throat area. 

Gargle in water and take 2 drops in a veggie capsule.


*Trouble Sleeping:

Inhale in cupped hands, or add to the diffuser.


*Stress and Agitation:

Apply topically to the back of the neck and bottoms of feet. Use a diffuser where you spend the most time, Kitchen, office etc.


*Joint Issues and Muscle Cramps:

Apply 2 drops to affected area with carrier oil of choice


*Emotional Balance:

Use aromatically and topically to go from feeling inadequate to worthy.


Doterra Oils for Grief:


Doterra Oils for Grief #4: Helichrysum

Latin name: Helichrysum Italicum

Steam distilled from flowers

Sourced from Corsica and Albania


Top Properties:









Top Physical Uses:


*Stops Bleeding:

Apply to area of concern


*Liver or Pancreas congestion, gallbladder, heavy metal and blood toxicity, Low or high Cholesterol:

Take 2 drops in a veggie capsule daily


*Scars, Wounds, Bruising and Burns:

Apply to area of concern several times a day until resolved.


*Alcohol Addiction and Liver:

Apply to liver area daily  (right side upper abdomen)


*Shock, anger, and deep emotional wounds:

Diffuse and apply under nose and over heart. Dilute or blend as desired.


*Skin issues, dryness, prolonged irritation:

Apply to area of concern with carrier oil of choice.


*Joint, Back pain and Inflammation:

apply to area of concern with carrier oil of choice


*Earache, dizziness:

Apply behind the ears or back of neck.


*Emotional Balance:

Use aromatically and topically to go from feeling wounded to released.

Doterra Oils for Grief:


Doterra Oils for Grief


Combo package

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