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Doterra Essential Oils to Help Sleep

doterra essential oil to help sleep

Countless individuals have turned to natural remedies to promote ease in falling asleep, staying asleep, and reaching deeper levels of sleep. 

There are supplements and essential oils that work together to reduce symptoms of the more serious sleeping disorders and should be considered

as a viable addition or alternative to sleep treatments as advised by medical professionals. 

The benefits of using medicinal essential oils such as lavender to promote healthy sleep are numerous and astounding, 

and the results can be life altering for the chronically sleep deprived.

doTERRA Essential Oils to Help Sleep

All natural, non habit forming, sleep support

Serenity Essential Oil Blend: massage 2-3 drops over neck and shoulders. 

Top Uses: Insomnia, stress, restlessness, muscle tension, agitation, irritability


Serenity Softgels: take 1-2 softgels 30 min before bedtime


Tangerine Essential Oil: Drink 1 drop in room temperature water before bed, or use 1-2 drops in a diffuser.

pro tip: Use 2 drops serenity blend, 2 drops tangerine in the diffuser for extra strength.

Single Oils



#1 DoTERRA Essential Oils to Help Sleep 


-Physical Uses:

Sleep Issues, insomnia, restlessness, upset, uptight, anxious, teeth grinding

-Emotional Uses:

Lavender is calming and soothing to the central nervous system and can dramatically reduce feelings of anxiousness.

Releasing stress, anger, fear and distrust.

#2 DoTERRA Essential Oils to Help Sleep 


-Physical Uses:

Sleep Issues, Anxiousness, nervousness, sadness, impulsiveness

-Emotional Uses:

Tangerine frees us so we can let go and be happy, to find joy in life and escape debilitating pressure for a time.

#3 DoTERRA Essential Oils to Help Sleep 


-Physical Uses:

Insomnia, restlessness, meditation

-Emotional Uses:

Sandalwood helps to calm the heart and prepares us to talk to God/our higher power. Releases regret, purposelessness, and confusion

#4 DoTERRA Essential Oils to Help Sleep 


-Physical Uses: 

Insomnia, irritability, trauma, anxiousness, shock, fear

-Emotional Uses:

Vetiver helps balance the mind and promotes clarity for those who feel torn between people and priorities, or struggle making simple decisions.

#5 DoTERRA Essential Oils to Help Sleep 


-Physical Uses: 

natural sedative, muscle tension, anxiousness, balances dopamine levels in the brain

-Emotional Uses:

Cedarwood opens the heart so we may feel love and support of others, releasing loneliness

#6 DoTERRA Essential Oils to Help Sleep 

Clary Sage:

-Physical Uses:

Insomnia and restlessness, hot flashes

-Emotional Uses:

Clary Sage promotes clarity of mind and helps us to be open to new ideas and perspectives. Releasing mood swings, disconnection and stress

#7 DoTERRA Essential Oils to Help Sleep 

Roman Chamomile:

-Physical Uses:

Insomnia, over excitement, hysteria, shock, anger and agitation

-Emotional Uses:

Roman Chamomile helps us feel calm and restores our sense of purpose in life. Releasing grief, and depression

Serenity Blend

-Physical Uses: insomnia, stress, fear, tension

-Emotional Uses: This blend addresses the emotional states that interfere with sleep. Whether it's stress, excitement or anxiety that keeps us from letting go of the day. We can depend on this oil blend to bring us calm so we can rest.


-Physical Uses:

poor coping capacity, anxiousness

-Emotional Uses:

Use to enhance mood and promote relaxation and euphoria


-Physical Uses:

stress, mental strain, hyperactivity

-Emotional Uses:

Peace blend is amazing for mediation, and reminds individuals that only by connecting to the Divine will they cultivate lasting peace. Releasing control, attachment, and fear


-Physical Uses:

Grief, sadness and heartache

-Emotional Uses:

Console blend helps ease burdens, assists in experiencing a serene heart and mind, and guides individuals toward emotional rest.

Adaptiv Capsules: Take 1 am/pm for relief of an ongoing stress level. Can also be taken as needed. I like to take 1 before bed if I have had alot on my mind, and to prevent teeth clenching.

Serenity Softgels: Take 1-2 softgels 30 minutes before bedtime for natural, healing sleep.

Serenity Softgels: Take 1-2 softgels 30 minutes before bedtime for natural, healing sleep.

Shirley K

Eight years ago my first child was born. After a few months, she started to sleep through the night, but I was not sleeping through the night. I never had trouble sleeping before then. Motherhood changed my sleeping pattern drastically. I became a light sleeper and would wake up at the drop of a pin. I soon found myself not sleeping more than three hours a night and it started to take an ugly effect on my wellbeing. I tried all kinds of over-the-counter sleep aids and was waking up even more groggy with mind fog to boot. I was irritable and had no energy. I was desperate to find a solution. 


I asked everyone about how they got to sleep and listened to anyone who had sleeping issues. I was a hairstylist at the time and one of my clients told me her husband never slept a full night in his life, but recently he tried an essential oil blend called Peace and slept 8 hours straight. At this point, I would try anything.  I ordered the essential oil and used it how she told me her husband used it, rubbing it on the back of his neck and bottom of his feet. The first night I tried it, I slept 9 hours! After that, I was hooked and ordered a diffuser and placed the diffuser next to my bed, and added the Peace oil in it. I was so excited that something genuinely helped me sleep that didn’t make me feel like I had a hangover the next morning when I woke up. 


Since then I have discovered some other essential oils that help me with sleep. Digestzen is an essential oil to help de-puff you, for lack of a better word. When I eat too close to bedtime and I feel like I am calorie sweating and can’t sleep, I reach into my nightstand and roll digestion on my stomach going in a clockwise circle and within a few minutes, I feel less bloated and can go to sleep without stomach cramps.  


I changed careers two years ago and took a teaching position, my sleep pattern was utterly disrupted again because I would wake thinking about all the things I had to do the next day and would get carried away thinking about different ways or ideas to help specific students. I started sleeping 4 to 5 hours a night and would just wake up and start working early from home. The problem at this time of my life wasn’t that I would go to sleep at the right time, but I would wake up and not be able to go back to sleep because my mind would start racing and become stressed out. My family thought I was crazy that I would give up trying to sleep to start working in the middle of the night.


My sister suggested that I try using an essential oil called Serenity. She said that it helped her get back to sleep, so I decided to try it.  I started taking the Serenity soft gels when I wasn’t able to get back to sleep and found that I was able to get back to sleep with a half hour. I was ecstatic to be able to sleep more than 5 hours again. 


When my family or I am sick, I use Breathe essential oil in the diffuser and Breathe Rub (it’s like a vapor rub, without toxic chemicals) at night especially, everyone’s sickness seems to be worse at night to somehow deprive us all of the sleep our body needs. No one can sleep when they can’t breathe and sound like Darth Vador! Honestly! 


I hope my story gives you some hope that a restful night is not impossible and is achievable without sleeping pills that have ridiculous side effects. 

Debbie H

I love Serenity, a few drops in my bath. Diffuse. Best, I like to dab on my wrists as I snuggle my pillow, I inhale and fall to sleep.


Rebecca H

Lavender and Roman chamomile diffuser in my diffuser next to my bed help me sleep like a baby! Lavender oil in the bath is so relaxing


Pamela S

Serenity with the adaptiv is wonderful for calming down.


Rebecca D

My favorite has always been Peace or “peaceful child” back when we had to make it.


Suzy H

Serenity in the kids bath… calms them <3


Joelle A

I love my serenity I diffuse it

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