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DoTERRA Emotions Book Review By Kim Ureta:


I love the 10th edition of Essential Emotions, it's a perfect reference guide. Its like having a really smart friend near by. I can pick up this book, ask myself, "Where do you feel THIS emotion in your body?"

Humans store unexpressed emotions in "storage lockers" inside our physical body. This is an easy way to be your own

investigator. It take 16 seconds to feel an emotion fully, this DoTERRA Emotions book can help make those 16 seconds tolerable.


If I can do allow myself to feel for that amount of time, so can you, and we can both live free <3

For example, right now, I feel it in my temples and jaw. So, I look those up in the Body Section (page 158)

I picked TMJ as the most applicable (page 190)

Then, I read through... and pick out the emotional adjective that applies the most. 

*TMJ (temporal, mandibular joint) 

*Emotional Root: unexpressed opinions and emotions. Deeply suppressed feelings. 

*Underlying emotions: Annoyed, Blaming self, Frustrated, Guilty, Shameful

*Look Deeper: Am I comfortable with myself? What do I need to express? What experiences first invited me to feel less-than?


I picked "Frustrated" 

So, I looked that up in the "Emotions" section (page 194)

*Frustrated: (page 229)

*Oils recommended: Geranium, Cardamom, Neroli, Roman Chamomile

*Journaling questions: What am I trying to Control? What is this trigger teaching me?

*Imagery for meditation: Imagine your hands letting go of control. See your body flow with and navigate around, anything you may encounter on your life's path.

*Affirmation to speak aloud: I can now embrace life and easily flow with its twists and turns, for it is leading me to higher paths and purposes.


Ok, this is what I do. I pick one of those oils, Neroli popped up as my first choice. I rolled it over my jaw and temples, then took some in my hand and breathed in my cupped hands over my nose and mouth. 3-4 deep breaths. 

Then, I get out something to write on. A journal is good, but If it's a napkin that's fine too! 

Write out the journaling questions, and try to answer them. 

Breathe in the oil, use the imagery, then say the affirmation aloud. 

Repeat this process once a day for a week. Check in with your physical body after that and see what has changed.


Here's another example:

I looked up "chest" on page 171

Many people feel tightness in the chest when there's something they are holding back. 

*Emotional Root: Expressing inner beauty and love.

*Underlying Emotions: Angry, Anxious, Grieving, Panicked, Sadness

*Look Deeper: how can I create peace in the grief I am feeling? If my chest had a voice, what would it say? 

          I chose "Anxious" page 201

*Essential oils recommended:

Adaptiv Blend, Basil, Neroli, Past Tense Blend, Console Blend, Serenity Blend

*look Deeper journal questions: 

What do I fear? What do I feel I need to control? why?

*Imagery for meditation:

Imagine peace flowing down over your body. Feel your breath regulate and sync to this rhythmic flow.

*Affirmation to speak aloud: 

I now adopt the belief that all things work together for my good.

Funny, for the past few days.. I've been drawn to Basil oil. I added 2 drops to the diffuser I run in my kitchen. That happens alot, where the oils I need, I will naturally be drawn to using them. It confirms my belief in plants and their spirit. They want to bring us healing and connection to mother earth.

This DoTERRA emotions book makes my hard days easier and I know it can do the same for you.

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