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Doterra Cooking Oils Class

Doterra Cooking Oils Class

Episode #3

This Tastes Amazing!


Cooking with Doterra Essential Oils

Yes! Its true! You can eat Doterra Essential oils and infact it's the only brand of essential oils that are safe to ingest. And not only that but they actually taste amazing and add a huge amount of flavour to dishes with just a few tiny drops. Join us in this special episode where Kim invites her mom to cook with her and they create some magic in the kitchen.

Did you know lime lessens anger, kumquat aids in eye health? Find out even more tid bits in this Doterra cooking oils class. Here we make dishes made of watermelon, cherries, 

Kim is a wealth of knowledge of all things natural health and we all know it all begins with what you eat, after all you are what you eat! But healthy food doesn't have to be bland and tasteless, these essential oils add adventure to everything they touch!

Smoothies, Teas and lemonades!

Doterra Essential Oils Smootie


how to use Doterra

Cooking Oils safely

to kick start



Doterra Cooking Oils:

Wild Orange




Lemon Grass

Just to name a few!

One participant cured their daughters chronic eczema....

Probiotics are like batman! Learn why!

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We have twice weekly classes to keep you going strong....

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