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I've dabbled in many modalities, and experienced profound energy shifts. What usually perplexes me later on, is how to duplicate that feeling of release? That specialness that came from the practitioner or group class. After playing around with essential oils, I figured out a way to re- create those profound experiences. And then I slowly, over time worked out the best essential oils for spiritual awakening.  In this essential emotions recording, we discuss just that :) Upgrading my yoga practice, Watsu water therapy, nature walking, and meditation all become a ceremony of peace and connection. 

Best Essential Oils for Spiritual Awakening

Best Essential Oil for Spiritual Awakening

I invite you to add in your essential oils to your favorite movement practice and notice the energy shift

In this previously recorded Essential Emotions Coaching Class we discuss a few of the best essential oils for Spiritual Awakening;

1. Rose

2. Frankincense

3. Peppermint

4. Sandalwood

There are so many wonderful oils that are amazing for spiritual health, and it really depends on where YOU'RE blocked. These oils are for the average human, but we're all completely different. If you're curious what would work best for YOU, let's chat:

Best Essential Oils for Spiritual Awakening

Book a free 30 min consultation to determine YOUR best essential oils for spiritual awakening
Book a free 30 min consultation to determine YOUR best essential oils for spiritual awakening

Class Participant’s Emotional Wins/Breakthrough/Check-in: Emotional Coach shared some important insights she got over the weekend. She is a certified WATSU water therapist, WATSU is a form of aquatic therapy. The Emotional Coach shared that during the bodywork sessions people are able to release their adult armor and find their inner child. During these WATSU sessions the emotional coach meditates and prays, she says these experiences are very spiritual and she is able to connect with her higher power while she is in the water. 


What are your best essential oils for spiritual awakening? The emotional coach had her doTERRA emotions handbook with her at the WATSU session, before the session people said how they were feeling beforehand and then they looked up the emotion in the handbook and used the oil that was recommended for supporting that emotion. 


The Emotional Coach said that she got two insightful messages while working with her friends in the water. First, she said that she realized that she could not like a person's behavior and still love the person. She said we are more than just our physical body (our ego), we have a spiritual body that is much larger than our physical body. Thinking about how she is still connected to loved ones that have passed or loved ones that are still here on Earth, she realized that she could forgive those people in her life even when she doesn’t like their behavior. 


Feedback from group and coach: One of the participants asked, “How would she be able to change her reaction to a friend or family member who hurts her with their behavior?” The emotional coach liked that question and replied that it is always difficult to express the cognitively rehearsed reaction when a family member or friend has displayed hurtful behavior and a lot of the time she freezes.  


The second message she received as she was giving another WATSU session was that we are here to learn how to love one another.  She said that being in the water has helped her to reconnect with God’s love. She said that also using the oils in conjunction with these WATSU experiences has helped her in her emotional growth. 


What are your best Essential Oils for Spiritual Awakening? Make a sun spray/refresh/toner spray: Use a 4 oz glass spray bottle with 5 drops of Frankincense, 1 drop of Rose or (5 drops of Rose Touch), 5 drops of Tea Tree, 2 drops of peppermint. You can use 1/3 aloe and fill the rest with water.  


Emotional Wins/Breakthrough/Check-in: The class participant was feeling grateful and felt she needs to manifest more faith. She sees a pattern that when she hits a low point that she gives everything to God and then things get better when she surrenders. Seeing this cycle makes her wonder, why does she do that? She feels that she needs more faith.


What are your best Essential Oils for Spiritual Awakening? Sandalwood essential oil was used topically on her forehead. She said it feels so nice on her forehead and smells so sweet. The emotions book talks about trusting herself and she needs to trust in what she knows works for her, not what other people are trying to tell her what to do. 


Feedback from group and coach: The Emotional Coach read from The Elements of Emotions, that sandalwood essential oil circulates energy, and helps support organs to be unblocked, helps come back to the center from rushing, and being able to calm down.


Challenge:  Use the doTERRA emotional handbook with an essential oil that supports the emotion you are feeling. Follow up this activity by saying the affirmation that goes with the feeling in the emotions handbook, then complete a physical extension activity like meditating, dance, or yoga.

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