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Bergamot Essential Oil for Addiction






If I had to pick one oil to start the recovery process it would be the amazing bergamot essential oil for addiction. Different essential oils help at different times of addiction recovery but this one is a great start for anyone looking to begin their journey to a clean and sober mind and body. The beauty of this oil is that it covers so many root causes of addiction, which are so often overlooked in rehab centres and 12 step recovery programs. Physical pain was a huge part of my addiction, as were problems with sleep and of course stress and anxiety. Thanks to some amazing friends I’ve manifested through recovery meetings, I now know I’m not alone. 


Could your addiction be rooted in poor sleep, physical pain, stress and anxious feelings too? 

Welcome to the club! Even if you answered maybe, Bergamot essential oil for addiction could help you immensely. Bergamot is great for recovery because:


It helps to alleviate pain naturally. Ok so we’re addicts, we can’t take just any pain medications without risking a landslide of addiction relapse! This is where Bergamot comes in, it's a wonderful replacement. It’s natural- derived from a plant (more on that below) instead of a chemical factory. It’s non habit forming- what most non addicted people don’t understand is that we addicts desperately want and need something that will alleviate our pain but not mess up our minds. Bergamot is it. Lastly, it’s potent and really works. When I’m in the midst of a flare up of jaw pain and migraines, bergamot is one of my go to's.


It helps to alleviate insomnia or sleep disturbances. New research is showing the devastating effect of poor sleep. It’s actually now considered a carcinogen! Did you know that having a poor sleep actually makes you eat more sugary foods the next day? Yup they did a study and found that to be true. Now imagine is they studied addictions what they would find? When you don’t get a good sleep, your defences are lowered. Our ability to avoid temptation is way down and we’re more likely to reach for a substance to soothe our frazzled nerves. Lack of sleep can cause a relapse, so let’s get it right, shall we? When we get our sleep right, life naturally falls into a more harmonious state. Bergamot is an essential tool for anyone trying to fight temptation by focusing on great sleep.


Bergamot is great reducing for anxious feelings and stress management. When I smell bergamot, I immediately feel comfort. It feels like I’ve crawled into my safe place, my hideaway, my own world where everything is ok. Bergamot does help to settle the nervous system down and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and we have the science to prove it.  It has a compound called monoterpene ester linalyl acetateI which has been proven to decrease anxious feelings. With a focused attempt at practicing coming back to a calm state and having this oil in my purse to facilitate, I can create my safe place absolutely anywhere. Imagine in the middle of a family fight or a chaotic mall still feeling like I have my safe place? Bergamot can do that, it’s that powerful.

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Bergamot Essential Oil for addiction is only one tool of many. There is no magic pill.....

About Bergamot Essential Oil for Addiction

Bergamot mostly comes from the Mediterranean. It has a beautiful citrus aroma because it’s derived from the peels of bergamot oranges! Italians and Greeks eat the meat of this orange as a treat. Yummmmmy! It’s real name is Citrus Beramia, it’s even fun to say that! It’s photosensitive so if you apply it to your body, don’t go into the sun until the next day and don’t leave your bottles out in the sunlight. 

Best Ways to Use Bergamot Essential Oil for Addiction

Diffuse it: a couple drops in a diffuser, especially in the bedroom a couple hours before going to bed will help promote relaxation and a calm restful sleep.


Drink it: Did you know that the flavour of Earl Grey tea actually comes from bergamot? Unfortunately most earl grey tea is chemically produced in a factory, so it carries no benefit. But you can obtain all the benefits simply by adding one drop to your large cup of boiled water and create some calm anywhere you need it most. At work, during a pause in a conflict, or waking up in the morning while going through a rough patch. 

Massage it: a couple drops into a carrier oil massaged into the feet, especially before bed with have a wonderful soothing effect. 

Humans have known about the healing effects of bergamot for a long long time. Some other the other benefits unrelated to addiction are:

  1. Heart health- it’s said to reduce cholesterol and open arteries! And thats real science not just hocus pocus.

  2. Skin and hair health- helps reduce appearance of scars, decreases dandruff and hair loss. A couple of drops in your moisturizer is enough to help out. But be careful some people have a sensitivity to it, so test a small conspicuous area before rubbing it all over your face.

  3. Balance hormones- a balanced endocrine system is essential for good mental health. We all know what happens when our estrogen and testosterone is unbalanced but there are so many other hormones that contribute to a healthy mind, especially dopamine and serotonin. 

  4. Natural decongestant- Plugged nose? Try a neti pot and have a good long deep inhale of bergamot scent and it’ll clear you up and keep your air way free. 

  5. Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels- There is an astounding amount of research nowadays correlating high blood sugar levels with all kinds of diseases, such as heart disease and even dementia. Managing blood sugar is becoming an increasingly important factor in health and mental wellness.

  6. It smells amazing! Some people use it as perfume.

To summarize, bergamot essential oil for addiction is helpful because it’s mood elevating but yet nerve calming. If you’ve ever drank too much coffee to get going and then got the jitters you know what an overstimulation can do. Bergamot is a different kind of stimulation, it feels like good energy wrapped in a warm comforting blanket.

Other Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

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