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Learn AromaTouch Technique

Learn AromaTouch

Getting started with Aromatouch Massage Doterra

Episode 1

Pique Your Passion

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Episode 2

Cutting out sugar

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Episode 3

Cooking with essential oil

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AromaTouch Technique by Doterra is specifically sequenced gentle but powerful body work, combining the benefits of human touch and essential oils. Think of it like a gentle massage using specially blended oils to target tension and provide comfort where it's needed most.

 Ready to Learn AromaTouch Technique?

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Learning AromaTouch Massage Doterra



Buy the AromaTouch Technique Kit

The unique Aromatouch technique kit already includes everything you need to learn all of the skills and techniques of this valuable treatment. Written instructions, a quick reference guide and even more links and resources to set you up for success.

The benefits of the AromaTouch Massage Doterra

Aids the nervous system into shifting to the parasympathetic mode where we can rest and relax- In todays society we spend waaaaay too much time in the sympathetic nervous which is the flight or fight response. We need to activate the rest and digest system in order to make healthy decisions and feel good on a regular basis.

Stress Management- Once we learn what it feels like to be calm and relaxed, we can practice coming back to that state over and over which means when a stressful time pops up, we are better equipped to handle it.

Alleviate tension and muscle aches- Sometimes a gentle touch is what the body really needs inorder to let go of any tension or resistance.

Better Immunity- a system that is relaxed and balanced is much better able to fight off disease and infections. Combine this with the power of essential oils and your immune systems gets a real, noticeable boost.

Achieving the body's autonomic balance- When your mind and body can coordinate between the two branches of the nervous system, there is a marked improvement in the quality of life.

Learning AromaTouch Massage Doterra



Learn the techniques via video and written instructions

These trusty guides are all you need to start practicing these techniques. Watch the videos closely and try to mimic them closely. Learn the routines and then move on to step 3

Learning AromaTouch Massage Doterra



Practice. Practice. Practice.

Practice the routine and techniques on friends and family and ask for feedback. Remember different things will feel better to different people! 

Learning AromaTouch Massage Doterra



Treat Yourself to Regular AromaTouch Technique treatments

This is more of a recommendation than a step, but its really important! To really get to know the aromatouch massage Doterra you need to feel it. And to really communicate the power of this beautiful technique you must experience it!

Enjoy the gift of giving and receiving Aromatouch Massage Doterra

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