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If you or a loved one is dealing with an alcohol addiction, you are going through a challenging time and I completely understand. I understand because I’ve lived that nightmare. Thankfully, I’ve waded through the mud and found a more peaceful, joyful lifestyle and it’s possible for anyone out there who is suffering yet willing to make a change. The route I took was a less traditional one, as I combined the power of the twelve steps and aromatherapy for alcohol addiction. The twelve steps alone didn’t quite work for me and I found myself needing more tools for the cravings, negative emotions and withdrawal symptoms. My body was needing recovery just as much as my mind was, and using essential oils and decades of experience being an alternative healthcare practitioner I was able to get back on track and better yet, stay on track. I’m guessing that’s what you’d like for yourself or your loved one. 

Aromatherapy for Alcohol Addiction Resources

Does aromatherapy for alcohol addiction actually work? Well it depends… It definitely worked for me and here’s how it can work for you. 


Before we get started you need to consider three things for the aromatherapy to really work

First, do you have a mindset that aromatherapy for alcohol addiction can work? According to new research by Dr. Alia Crum, professor of psychology of Standford University, your mindset- whether you believe something can work for you- is at least 50% of the determining factor of whether or not it will work. So I’m not here to convince the skeptics. These amazing little drops of oil did work for me, continue to work and help me out in my day to day life dealing with all the yucky stuff that life stirs up that contribute to any type of addiction. 



Second, you need to use the right scents for your mind and body. This can be tricky to figure out, because it’s not always as simple as using the blanket essential oils for alcohol addiction or essential oils for withdrawal symptoms. Although these are certainly helpful, especially early in your recovery, you may need to dig a little deeper or use our free consultations to begin your journey. For example, getting the right aromatherapy for alcohol addiction can involve assessing your digestion. Did you know modern science has finally connected depression to gut biome? Sorting out your digestion, especially after abusing alcohol is absolutely essential in staying sober and it’s important to get the right essential oils for your particular condition. Another example, could be managing pain in your body effectively. So many alcoholics started and continued drinking simply because they needed something to take the edge off their physical pain. We know of many great, non habit forming solutions to help in that department as well.


Lastly, you need the potent, real deal aromatherapy for alcohol addiction. You know, the kind that comes from nature and plants, not a massive chemical producing factory. These aren’t found on the shelves of large department stores. Alcohol addiction is not something to experiment with, it’s too risky to use poor quality oils for. Your mental, physical and emotional health isn’t a game. The high quality, powerful essential oils of doTERRA are the only ones I trust and I’m convinced it’s why I am able to stay sober and sane!

Aromatherapy for Alcohol Addiction Community

aromatherapy for alcohol addiction community
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