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One of my gifts God gave me to share has been remembering the solutions to specific health concerns. 

For some reason, when I hear about how to fix a common/or not so common issue: my brain catalog's it for safekeeping.

Throughout my career, and studies of natural health- I've come across loads of strange symptoms, which dont have a proper diagnosis. 

My clients share with me what it feels like in their body... and I'm captivated with understanding what may help. 

This was all in the "physical body" realm. With further study and experience, I began to energetically pick up the emotions in their body. 

I've learned how to protect myself energetically with imagery, grounding energy into the earth, and with prayer. Which is funny, a lot of the time, when someone presents with a symptom.... I ask silently, "Is this yours?" Through muscle testing, or intuition... I get a "yes" or a "no". 

Could it be that 99% of what we feel... isn't ours? But picking up other people's feelings?

Whether or not you yourself are an empath, or its your own emotions that are  trapped and manifesting in your physical body. 

Dealing with my own ailments, upon reflection. The worst pain I experienced in my body,  also was a time in my life when I was very impatient with God, and the future I wanted. It has become vital that I connect with my higher power, and catch myself when I am not living in trust. Trust, there is a plan, and everything happens for a reason. The situations that would trigger old trauma to pop up, the filing cabinet of all the times I felt that way... would slide open. I know now that with practice, I can become aware of what those triggers are and step out of that cycle. 

In your aromatherapy expert consultation together, we can find your tools  for comfort, support, and relief. Knowing, you are in control of your health, and the beginning (or middle) of your path of wellness and wholeness:

My expertise and educational background:

Licensed Massage Therapist

Advanced Colon Hydrotherapist, Gut health Specialist

Certified Rolfer

doTERRA Essential Oil Educator

Certified Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor

Essential Emotions Coaching

Kim Ureta Aromatherapy Expert




We offer free consultations with Kim, an aromatherapy expert! This is a one on one, private session where we look at your overall physical, emotional and spiritual health and goals. This service will be offered for a limited time, so if you're interested in learning more about helping yourself it's important to reach out now, while it's still available

Aromatherapy Consultation

What to Expect on your Aromatherapy Expert Consultation with Kim

- ​How to release stuck emotions from the trouble spots in your body

- Personalized Essential oil routine 

- Q & A Health Concerns and Solutions

- Energy Clearing

- So much more

Why Kim wants to gift you this Aromatherapy Expert Consultation....

"It brings me great joy to be an instrument of healing, and helping others understand how to heal themselves: emotionally & physically- with the catalyst of your own spiritual connection. "

Kim Ureta- Aromatherapy Expert

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