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Episode 1: 

Pique Your Passion!

Twice a week, we host aromatherapy classes online! If you're looking to join us please feel free to sign up and register below. We love hosting new comers to our online aromatherapy classes:) Can't wait to meet you!

In this episode we explore getting our creative juices flowing! Are you experiencing a lull in creativity? Or is your mind racing with all the ideas all at once and you're having trouble organizing and executing? We know exactly what you're going through, because we've been there.

With a little introspection and some great aromatherapy classes online you CAN break through this temporary chapter and we're here to help you do just that. We have a wonderful group of people who are passionate about using our essential oils to live our best life. 

Unfortunately, essential oils alone won't work, you have to do the work....

It doesn't matter how wonderful our aromatherapy classes online actually are, if your nervous system is screaming in fight or flight, essential oils ALONE won't solve your issue. Join us in this 36 minute class and learn how to regulate your nervous system and


turn on the calm.

Then use the power of essential oils to allow your creativity to take off in a sustainable and peaceful way. Eventually, no matter what life throws at you, using these tools and your essential oils, you can not only survive but thrive! Join Kim as she shares her journey, tools and experience to help you.

For more aromatherapy classes online, to sign up to participate and get all your questions answered

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